Thursday, September 7, 2017

In My Next Life, I Will Be a Wolf

In my next life
I will be a wolf.
I will run like the wind,
if there are still
forests to run through.

I will feed my young,
if there is still prey to be found,
and will keep them safe,
if protected spaces
still exist.

In my next life, I pray
I am not running through
an apocalyptic landscape,
paws burning,
cubs crying in distress,
falling behind.

In this life, 
a member of the species
that destroyed the earth,
the most dangerous 
and unthinking species alive,
in my next life,
for my penance,
I will be a wolf,
running through
a burning, apocalyptic
paws and heart on fire.

As always, I think of the animals, who do not have the resources we humans do, who are suffering the results of climate change, in floods, storms and wildfires. Mother Earth is crying as loudly as she can, yet we are not mobilizing fast enough to assist her in her distress.


  1. Oh .. I do hope that we will have a world were wolfs can be spared the apocalypse... but I wonder if they will outlive us...

    1. that's an interesting idea - and the scientists have begun to appreciate just how much better and faster animals are at adapting and evolving - I'm thinking on the surprising studies conducted on the wildlife and wolves that live around the Chernobyl site - they were affected, and yet, they are still surviving. Yet the place can't be inhabited by humans. It's a bit like the cockroach really.

  2. This made me cry Sherry. So very sad. I think of the pets left behind during Harvey. What were they thinking? This is especially poignant, the wolf running with her paws burning. In my next life, I will be a hawk - that is if I don't get shot down out of the sky by some stupid hunter.

  3. I can relate strongly. In reincarnation I too hope, I can run and enjoy mother natures gifts that we all should cherish and appreciated. It does sadden me to know what is happening in our current world.

  4. As always, poignant and touching lines, Sherry.

  5. I want to be a bird in my next life ~ Your poem resonates with the way we unkindly treat our animals and forests ~

    Beautifully written Sherry ~

  6. This is beautiful, Sherry. And, frightening in its truth.

  7. Sherry - this moved me so - the idea of such destruction and the wild animals left to make their way. I still hope that the human race will come to our senses.

  8. This poem and idea are blessed and wonderful. (Sherry, I fear it is us we are killing. If we don't wake up our Mother will be without us.)

  9. You always manage to give such a powerful voice to mother nature

  10. A sad thought, no forests for wolves to run through. I agree wholeheartedly that humans are 'the most dangerous
    and unthinking species alive' - we need to learn from Nature.

  11. Would it be a penance to be a wolf in the next life? Anything alive will be living a hell if the earth can't be saved. Wolves are so maligned yet they are wonderful animals.

  12. This is beautiful, Sherry and powerful in its truth!

  13. I would want to come back as a finch. Enjoy the wide open spaces, airborne. Besides, no one would hunt me. True, humans and the havoc they cause on the environment. Who knows, we may be the only species to cause our own extinction. Thank you for such a moving poem.

  14. A very deeply moving and sensitive poem Sherry. Powerful and gripping.

    Personally, I wouldn't want to come back at all - I just find this all too depressing and harsh, stupidly, blindly harsh. The human species is so incredibly destructive, vindictive and selfish, it never ceases to amaze me. Talk about deep wounds.

  15. My daughter's totem is the wolf. This poem struck close to home. Just beautiful and a tragic harbinger, I'm afraid.

  16. The wolf is a great survivor, as I am sure is the planet earth which is a self-regulating organism, capable of healing itself.

    I am not convinced humans are causing anything as claimed, but, consider ecological awareness, as long as it does not morph into negativity and fear, to be positive.

    Things have a way of working out.

  17. Interesting choice of penance for the next life. It might be a form of blessing as well.

  18. Apt message at the end.
    Don't know how and when we'll have a next life if our planet is destroyed...

  19. That was so beautiful, Sherry! It bothers me to no end that I am a part of this destruction that is happening to this wonderful planet. If mankind died out tomorrow the world would be a better place. I have no hope in man because at 63 nothing has changed, it's only gotten worse. We know how to live right and what would work but money and government always have the last word and it's always the 1% getting their way.


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