Thursday, September 7, 2017

Book of Words

that we came together
when we did?

It is a testament
to my belief
in the universal plan,
that I know
rapture such as that
had little to do
with man.

Hmmmm.............these words jumped out for Mama Zen's prompt, at Real Toads, to choose three words and write a poem in 66 words or less. I used 32. The words are highlighted.


  1. Man, God or just coincidence... still it happens, and we can enjoy.

  2. I believe in the soul of the earth, of life, of what brings joy.

  3. Brilliant, enjoyed this soooo much

    much love...

  4. They came together nicely for you, Sherry. I saw some fitting also but verged sharply. I would have used a different definition, the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus, but nothing seemed very fitting for my thoughts. So I didn't used it at all, rather went light.

  5. Delightfully said ... and I love your flowers.


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