Thursday, September 28, 2017

Dog of Joy

[This morning, watching another black dog at the beach,I was reminded of my big black dog of joy, who cracked me up every day of our life together for fourteen years.]

My eyes went right to him,
a black lab mix,
whose people were ignoring him.
No matter.
He knew how to have fun
all by himself.

He was pouncing on the sand,
leaping from side to side,
a loopy grin on his face.
Then he would dig, furiously,
for a few moments,
and return to his 
side-to-side dance.
He was digging up
a buried stick,
with the most intense delight.

He made me laugh,
and remember.
I fed him a cookie,
and his nose snuffled 
into my pocket.
He wanted the second one, too,
which I was happy
to give.

It was small payment
for a moment of joy,
this morning on the beach,
in the amber September sun.

for Karin's prompt at Real Toads: Thinking of the Little Things: to write about a small moment, one of those moments that remind us how good life is, no matter what the larger world happens to be doing.


  1. I joined the moment through your poetry! Love.

  2. Beautiful! I sense he's no longer with us😯. His name?

  3. A wonderful moment filled with both the present and the past.

  4. Ah, such sweetness. Thanks, Sherry! k.

  5. A wonderful moment of joy, Sherry!! This made me smile.

  6. Thank you for this one. I have had similar moments, and they bring both tears and laughter. Love never dies...


  7. this is similar to my new little rescue, Rosita, who reminds me so much of Jules who is watching down on us. Rosita manifests much the same love and exuberance that Jules did. I think its Jules way of saying my soul and love is here with you. Gracias mi amiga, i feel your heart and soul in this one

  8. You never forget a pet. We are constantly reminded of and talk about our dog Jasper and cats Max and Tosca as if they were still alive.
    I love that the dog in your poem 'knew how to have fun / all by himself'!
    Small payment indeed for a moment of joy, Sherry. :)

  9. I had my beloved black dog, Jasper, for only seven years. I never expected our time together to be so short. Ah, how we miss their constant company.

  10. I love how you remember that joy of leaping and dancing, and can almost feel envious that I cannot do the same myself.

  11. We can learn so much from animals. They make us better people.

  12. Luv your end stanza, big time

    much love...

  13. What a wonderful (wonder full) little thing of life, that black dog of your's. A small price to pay, for a moment of memory and joy!

  14. So beautifully true Sherry! I love that picture to! Just wonderful!!

  15. Oh what a beautiful gift! I can feel the joy and spirit he brought you.

  16. I love this poem, and this moment. I can see the whole thing spinning out... that pup's people adore him but they had other things on their mind in that moment. Which allowed you this. I love it.


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