Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Rising Above

Rising up,
rising above -
hope soaring on eagle wings -
we dwell on the threshold
of a dream -
a world at peace.

Rising above the talk
of division,
we meditate upon
the fact that
all of our cells
in this old world
- human, plant, animal -
creatures of air and earth
and sea -
are connected.

Rising above the rhetoric
of war, we ponder:
how can we bomb
other mothers and fathers, 
sisters and brothers,
aunts, uncles, grandparents,
and babies with eyes 
still full of wonder?

Everything alive
just wants
to live.

Time to rise up, 
young men and women.
Time to take to the streets.
Time to rise up
                     rise up
                              rise up
and march to a
different beat.

"Ain't gonna study war 
no more."*
Time to play
the pipes of peace.

Time to right this tilting world
of pain and sorrow
and make it ready
for the children
of tomorrow.

for Sumana's  Midweek Motif prompt at Poets United: Rising Above

*an old African American spiritual, dating from the civil war. If only world leaders studied peace as much as they have studied war. Or spent  money on caring for the planet and its people instead of the instruments of war.


  1. beautiful poem...let it inspire all...!!

  2. Time to right this tilting world Great
    Absolutely love this inspirational poem full of spirit of encouragement to rise above and rise up

  3. There are wars being fought in so many places right this moment..,it's hard to think that to many it is anything more than a lucrative industry.

  4. Inspirational and very encouraging
    Happy Wednesday Sherry

    much love...

  5. "Rising above the rhetoric..." say that again. We ought to rise up, indeed!

  6. I loved this so much. It flowed so well like a nursery rhyme. Love the singsongy feel it has. Amazing.

  7. Every word of this poem inspires because this is soooo true:
    "we dwell on the threshold
    of a dream -
    a world at peace."
    If enough people rise, we can enter!

  8. Such a call for sanity and reason, and as always so beautifully written!

  9. The children of tomorrow deserve this. Inspiring and true Sherry. Always a pleasure to visit your blog!

  10. "Everything alive
    just wants
    to live."

    That really says it all . . . at lease it should.

  11. Oh, the hope for a time that we don't study war no more... Inspiring write, Sherry!

  12. A most beautiful 'rising above' poem Sherry. Your words are always so inspirational. "Everything alive
    just wants / to live." Hope the world realizes this.

  13. How I agree with you but sadly we have sold our souls to miners, manufacturers, industrialists and politicians who think they know best, which is to make money out of planet Earth without any thought of the future. Only this week it was discovered that Australia would soon run out of Natural gas for domestic use which we have plenty of because we export most of it abroad. Luckily in hindsight this is being corrected but at what cost?

  14. beautiful message ..we all can try it is a home for all


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