Monday, June 27, 2016


This cool picture was made for me by
Ella Wilson, the artist who blogs at Ella's Edge.
It is one of my treasures.

Four white wolves live in my heart,
four pillars of my soul,
like Earth, Air, Fire, Water.
They came in dreams,
in my sorrowing, to bring me peace,
to remind me that, in Spirit, love never dies,
death is just another room, behind the veil of sorrow.
My grieving has been for the cutting of
my last link to wilderness and joy,
as if, with my black wolf’s  death,
I lost the wild we both loved so much as well,
and that wild, free Self that I was there, with him.
I grieve the me that I lost, unhappy with
the me still sitting here, suspended,
in this tame, grey, unexpected existence,
where I am less than all I can be,
stranded because of fear and age,
disability and poverty,
of diminishment of spirit,
and the slow falling away
of hope.

In my dream, I gave White Star a bowl of milk,
which she received, in trust.
Her nose nudging my knee, a message
from my boy, to say that he
still thinks of me.

I wrote this last week, during a moment of recognizing some home truths. This poem took me Deeply In. But I emerged with more awareness, and am now feeling much stronger, so no worries............


  1. Thanks for the note at the end, but indeed your poem speaks for many who need comfort. I get most depressed when I feel I have no options. I maybe have a bit of your wolf connection through Miracle Kitty who dies last March. I've yet to be certain of it.

  2. Beautiful! Awareness takes deeply, indeed... You are stronger for sure, wiser and non stoppable....

  3. You and your boy are very much connected in spirit Sherry.

    I remember this lovely imagery before Sherry. Your poem speaks of a deep desire for that dream of the wild!

  4. our sorrows are many and much at the thought of part of our souls' departure. when my sorrow becomes so great, i let my body and my spirit purge through tears and thoughts of the goodness of our connection with the spirit of the universe. the wolf howls as his or her connection to the spirit of the universe via the vibrations from the sound of his howl connects in sync with the vibrations of the universal spirit. when the eagle soars amidst the wind and clouds, its wings create the waves that are in sync with those of the universes. so to this end, howl and spread your wings in the wind and the sorrow and sadness will be recognized as all part of the spirit of the universe. we will be okay mi amiga. love awaits us all

  5. This is so sad, Sherry. Feeling the sadness about grieving the loss of who you were and unhappy with the you that exists now. This poem makes me feel your pain, your sadness at where life has placed you at this point in your life, and the losing of hope. I wish you could move to the sea, to be once more surrounded with what you love. I am sure your boy IS still thinking of you in the other room...just as you still think of him! Peace and love to you, Sherry.

  6. I have been away from poetry reading on line for awhile now but read this today and agog for how touching this is...I don't know when you lost your son, but I've almost lost mine several times...your words are exactly how I have felt and I thank you for sharing the subcontext of your soul ...the point one reaches when it is in limbo and so covers my depressive mood all the time however..I am glad you feel stronger and I hope to also by saving this mindful and hopeful poem. Thank you..


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