Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Birthdays were always streamers and balloons,
pineapple-whipped cream-angel food cakes,
jelly beans and Jello,
and kids gathered smiling around the table.

The year I turned nine, the five and dime
 had a sale on Peter Pan panties.
Ten kids lined both sides of the table. Ten gifts to open:
each one a pair of Peter Pan panties.
My first lesson in diplomacy, 
my face no doubt betraying
my true feelings.

LOL. For Susan's prompt at Midweek Motif: Birthdays, as Susan is celebrating her birthday today. Happy Birthday to you, my friend!


  1. On the plus side you didn't have to choose what to wear each day..sigh..I can feel that nine year old heart sink but also how it grew into something very special xo

  2. That's exactly what I got for my ninth birthday as well. Yes, the gift was really the lesson in diplomacy. Loved this.

  3. This is brilliant. Love the ending. Thanks.

    Greetings from London.

  4. OMG! Ha,I hope they were all the right size. But Peter Pan for a girl? Sigh!

  5. LOL doubled! What an image! Now I see a blessing in having few parties as a child. I might have stomped off mad at age 9.

  6. LOL... can imagine what went through the mind of a nine year old when those gifts were opened one after the other!!! Good one sherry!!!!

  7. o my! lol!...but no ha ha for a nine year old...and good moral in the closing lines :)

  8. I bet you didn't know whether to laugh or cry. This really is so sad underneath it all (as panties should be!)

  9. Oh my God! I am still chuckling picturing the kid's face ...just curious to know about her reaction!
    Sometimes, images start breathing within..and with you. This was one such composition!

  10. Lol! That is a hoot! I would of probably cried at that age. On one of my early birthdays I got this hat (incredibly ugly) and to this day I can remember how disgusted I was. I hope I didn't show it.


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