Monday, June 27, 2016

Halcyon Days, Bioluminescent Nights

Halcyon days and nights, when I first arrived
in my place of heart, every day
an adventure, an awakening. I stood, one midnight,
on a small island across the bay, the only light
from a campfire. The black bowl of sky
overhead was alive with more millions
of stars than I had ever seen.
On shore, I was waiting
for the putt-putt of the boat that would take us
back to town. Finally, it came.

I stood in the water, in my shoes, looking up
at the impossible distance I needed to reach
my leg up and over, while the other stayed in the water.
Just barely, I  hauled myself up and in -
a feat of willing feet, and will.
Then we were off. Slowly, I became aware
that the wake behind the boat was alive
with a miracle of glowing colourful dancing lights.
"Bioluminescence!" the others oo-ed and ahh-ed,
as I added one more miracle to the
cornucopia of raptures
flowing into my soul.

How lovely to remember, those years when I
sailed through bioluminescent nights,
and halcyon days,
the song of the waves exultantly singing
in my soul.

for Gillena's  prompt at Real Toads: A-Sailing We Will Go


  1. Oh, Sherry. To have had this experience - wow.

  2. Not drugs? That must have been quite a sight, you told it well.
    Not a Peggy Lee experience (Is that all there is to ...?) I had with a Northern Lights sighting.

  3. Stars above and stars below, beautiful.

  4. That must have been such an ethereal experience, Sherry. Something to remember & savor for a lifetime.

  5. Ah lovely-- it is also a beautiful word. Thanks for describing experience from boat entry! K.

  6. Thank you for your response Sherry in a sharing of sheer miraculous words.

    much love...

  7. as I added one more miracle to the
    cornucopia of raptures
    flowing into my soul.

    How beautiful, Sherry!

  8. This is a sight I would love to see.


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