Friday, June 10, 2016

Christina's World

Christina's World
Andrew Wyeth

Christina's world
was seen at the level of the grasses
she crawled across,
foot by foot,
towards the farmhouse
a lifetime away,
daunted but persistent,
accompanied by butterflies
and whispered windsong.
She thirsted
for all that was not.
She did not know that,
through his brushstrokes,
she would live

I have always loved Andrew Wyeth's painting of this young woman. But I had  regarded it as a romantic scene, rather than a testament to survival, until I read that the young woman neighbor he painted had been crippled by polio and was unable to walk (according to Wikipedia). He saw her crawling across the grass, and was moved to paint her.

posted for Margaret's prompt at Real Toads : the art of Andrew Wyeth


  1. She does indeed live forever ~ Thank you for bringing this haunting painting to life Sherry ~

  2. "daunted but persistent," her life force is captivated beautifully Sherry..

  3. There is such an intense sense of isolation in this painting, which I believe speaks to all of us.

  4. It is most poignant and he managed to capture that special moment of determination inherent of those handicapped! Thoughtful take Sherry!


  5. I have always loved Andrew Wyeth's paintings and his father's...NC Wyeth. His father was known as an illustration, and maybe he was thought to be a bit of an illustrator, too. But work being in or out of favor, changes over time. Probably because he did not do contemporary work, but rather nostalgic work, he was not held as high as he might have been, but of course over time that can change.

  6. The painting (and its name) get even more poignant once you know Christina's story.

  7. Beautiful, Sherry. I both admired her and felt sorry for her when I read her story. One thing for sure, she was fierce

  8. Oh wow...I didn't know the detail about the origin of the piece.

    "daunted but persistent,
    accompanied by butterflies
    and whispered windsong."

    I love this portion...feels like Mother Nature encouraging her.

  9. Your poem is a beautiful tribute to this courageous woman.

    Greetings from London.

  10. What a wonderful story behind that painting. Your poem definitely captures its essence.

  11. So touching Sherry! I had no idea that the girl had polio I learn so much from you! Crawling with butterflies to keep me company would not be all bad! Hugs!

  12. You gave a beautiful voice to the painting, and the story tied to it. There is incredible power in the human spirit.


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