Sunday, June 12, 2016


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My life was a long search for home,
an escape from the things that go 
bump in the night,
an odyssey towards peace,
autonomy and freedom,
and a nest
to keep me safe.
Nature held me by the hand,
and the blue sky pointed my compass
diligently towards hope.

The middle of the journey required trust
and a mighty leap,
from inland desert to siren shores,
like a murrelet drawn unerringly to its nest,
or a migrant whale to its feeding ground.
Then there was joy; ten years of beauty,
my soul having found its wilderness home,
a big black laughing wolf dancing by my side.

Journeys, until they end,
tend to continue,
so once again I find myself
a distance from my beloved waves,
having lost homeland and wolf companion,
spirit ever attuned to the call of the sea
beyond the mountains,
heart still tethered to a black spirit-wolf,
whose paws pad forever across my heart.

The lesson: to be happy in this unexpected place,
heart suspended, and listening,
still trusting the universal plan;
to honour the place for loss and grief
within; to carry it along, and keep on walking
towards that final destination
somewhere between earth and sky.


  1. "The lesson: to be happy in this unexpected place." Nice that you're choosing to be happy with what is, the moment. Not an easy surrender of your dream. I know. But my hope is that you ARE happy in spite of the disappointment.

  2. Ah, you have summed up the facets of your life very well, Sherry! But there are still more paths to walk.

  3. As someone, who walking a similar journey, Sherry, I find inspiration and comfort, in the knowledge, it's possible to find moments of true happiness and self-love, in a world of hate and pettiness. Thank you, Sherry, for shining this light, up high, for us, wanderers.

  4. In this one I love not only your lyrical descriptions but also the snippets of wry wisdom, e.g. 'Journeys, until they end, / tend to continue'.

  5. and keep on walking
    towards that final destination
    somewhere between earth and sky

    To diligently move along to find the workable and acceptable hideaway for oneself is uppermost!


  6. we all will travel this journey. some of us are fortunate to be cognizant of the spirit that holds our hand while we through this sojourn prior to our next journey. and then there are some of us lucky enough to have witnessed love with the soul of another being that even after their passing love floats all around us with their spirit.

    gracias mi amiga !

  7. Keep walking, my friend. Very much resonates....

  8. I always find such wisdom and peace in your words, Sherry. Thank you.


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