Friday, January 1, 2016

To Be Loved By a Wolf

Beautiful image by The Unknown Gnome

It is an honour to be loved by a wolf.
So quick of wit, full of humour
at the ludicrous concept 
of living between four walls,
~(what are these humans thinking?) ~
he intuits your every thought,
weighs you and finds you worthy
(if you're lucky, and have a true heart),
rests his head on your knee,
his trust a gift you must never betray,
or take lightly.

Being loved by a wolf
awakens your wilding nature,
sets you forth on an unmarked passage,
leads you into the forest, far from the city.
Understand, you may never come back,
not fully, from those wild lands.

His howl crosses the song of the shaman;
both find you in the still, midnight hours.
And when he leaves,
he leaves you with a hole in your heart
none other can fill.
Being loved by a wolf 
was this lifetime's gift,
along with the wild,
that sings through your bones
of those long-lost days,
a song that will forever reverberate 
within this deep, soulful


  1. Some loves are never to be replicated! I am sure that this is what you experienced by being loved by a wolf. What a blessing you were given, Sherry.

  2. This was special enough for a lifetime.


  3. Yes....the remembering. Thank you for a tribute to a love so special!

  4. There are loves that remind us just how precious we are, how much of Nature lives in our souls, how much we delight in the wildness of the world...

    Love this, Sherry! ♥

  5. It is an honor to be loved by a wolf. It is to be tune with your intuitive spirit. They are also creatures of free spirit much like yourself my friend. Let's talk soon!

    Happy New Year!

  6. Such a sweet and endearing soul.. love this tribute to him.

  7. Beautiful love indeed. Have a lovely 2016 Sherry.

  8. beautifully written, it really must be a gift.

  9. A special bond of friendship, Sherry. Lovely.

  10. One of my totem animals is a wolf...they are the teacher so I know one walks always beside me....and you are indeed lucky to have know the love of a wolf....your special wolf. Beautiful!

  11. Being loved by a wolf, being loved by a fat orange cat, being loved by a time travelling Samurai - none of these can ever be replicated. Once gone, they still linger on in our hearts and our souls. I'm glad you had the love of this special wolf and that he still lives in your heart.

  12. Such a heartwarming and beautiful tribute.

    Wish you a very happy new year, Sherry :)

  13. I hope it can happen for many. A soul of the wilderness coming to you.. Great one

  14. No, I imagine that you can't ever return from those wild lands. It's a wild blessing for us all when you write of your wolf, Sherry.

  15. How beautiful to be loved by a wolf. I know he felt your love and if he could, would write a poem about being loved by a kind, generous, wise human.
    Nice to be back reading your poems Sherry. Happy New Year.

  16. Beautiful... I heading for the woods to find me one hehehe
    Happy New Year Dear!

  17. oh to be loved and to have a wolf cuddle up to you is a blessing for life. wonderful write!

  18. Sometimes wild animals sense that you can be trusted and show it. Then there are our pets that want to run wild in the woods and the streams with you and think that you are just like them running free.

  19. This is the bond that could stand the test of time. Such a wonderful relationship.

    Happy New Year, Sherry.


    I may have told you this before, if you have time, please watch "Wolf Children" :-)

  20. So beautiful and filled with life - a tender harkening back to a wild and mystic chapter.

  21. To be loved by someone wild in his ways can be a lot more interesting than a mundane existence. One should have one's wits on high alert though!


  22. such love is're one lucky soul dear friend...

  23. Love in any form and from anyone is a blessing I guess :)

  24. it is a gift, to love, and be loved by a wolf.
    this is such a tender poem.

  25. It feels really love like this - divine gift! Much Love and adventure in New 2016 year, Sherry!

  26. This wonderful piece reminds me that to be loved requires effort - it should not perhaps be taken for be loved by the wolf like aspect of any living thing (ratties included!) is an honour :)

  27. Beautifully stirring...I can only imagine that deep love Sherry ~


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