Friday, January 8, 2016

SONG FOR SYRIA via Madaya Medical Community report

Song for Syria,
sorrowing, sorrowing.
Big-eyed children
with every rib showing.
How can hearts harden
to continue warring
when they see the children
innocent, starving?

A normal human would 
stop the endless fighting,
put down the guns,
get right to work,
boiling the water,
gathering food, clearing the road
so the aid trucks can pass.

What's more important 
than feeding the children?
Not ideologies,  politics,
borders or power.

An ancient soul peers through
those surrendering eyes,
waits a thousand years
for the world to evolve.

First, feed the children.
Mop up their tears.
Then ask why we're fighting
for all of these years?

The news reports of the skeletal children trapped in areas of Syria without food reminded me of the suffering souls in the concentration camps of World War II, and of the famine in Bangladesh and other countries. The look in those eyes is ancient - having seen it all before, they simply succumb to their fate. God must weep at what man does to his fellow man and - especially - to the children.


  1. What a sad world we live in. Beautiful piece and thanks for sharing.

  2. First, feed the children...

    If everyone in the world rallied to this cry, it would be a much better place.

  3. So true Sherry... the only survivors of those children will become soldiers


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