Saturday, January 16, 2016


March 1994 to January 15, 2011

from 2011 

Running free in the forests of Heaven
is how I see you,
tail and ears up
and that old wild gleam
in your eye.
I never tamed you.
I never wanted to.
We both loved the wild,
and I honored it in you.
Those big puppy paws,
I hope they're lolloping along
miles of sandy beaches,
dipping in and out of the waves,
the way you always did,
impervious to my calls
as you always were,
until you were done,
and then back you'd come,
galloping along to me.
You'd pick up a piece of driftwood
as we left, and carry it to the car,
for remembering.

Now I am the one who is remembering.
And one day, when it's time,
old wilderness pal of mine,
may you come lolloping back to me
to guide me safely home.
There are only three things
I need to see in Heaven -
the first is you,
and old growth forests,
and the sea,
so we can walk those trails,
hike endless sandy beaches,
and watch the sunset, once more,
you and me.

Sharing this with Poetry Pantry at Poets United, where there is always wonderful reading on Sunday morning.


  1. Wonderful to read this poem again, Sherry!

  2. I can see the dip of him, dancing with waves ~

  3. Oh I see him running.. The joy of life can never be more obvious than in a dog... Wonderful.

  4. Sherry, you've defined Love in these amazing words...

  5. What a tender poem... it just floats so beautifully.

  6. Such a tender tribute to Pup.. beautifully expressed :)

    Lots of love,

  7. what a wonderful refrain that i keep repeating also in my mind

    have a wonderfully nostalgic day mi amiga

  8. Oh break my heart will you? Would you have this guy weeping? Stunningly beautiful Sherry.

  9. What a heart wrenching poem - and yet underneath the realities of life shine your heart and hope..i love that Pup was untamed and together you shared a takes a special person not to mould their animals..and how magically and respectfully they respond when they know they are safe and cared for..and i am certain he is waiting xo

  10. Wonderful to have an opportunity to read again - truly a stunning poem in the interplay of sensibilities and souls starting of darkness relieved and reflected in shimmering light

  11. Sherry, A lovely poem and tribute to you dear friend. Your pup is always with you. I can see him carrying the driftwood.

  12. Sweet and heart-tugging of love staying present.

  13. Oh you made me cry an old Irish ballad:

    'And one day, when it's time,
    old wilderness pal of mine,
    may you come lolloping back to me
    to guide me safely home.'

  14. Dear Sherry....wonderful piece....i love him too.

  15. I love how you capture that sense of the wild in him, but with your wide open respect for it.

  16. Very touching poem Sherry, thanks for sharing!

  17. Such a wonderful poem. The most evocative image for me is taking the stick, for remembrance. A memento.

  18. Oh Pup! I imagine he has quite a pile of drift wood from his trips to the beach in heaven, waiting to run to you and guide you to show how he has been remembering. I wish for this to be so. I wish it for me and my precious kits waiting for me as well. Tender love.

  19. Bravo! I enjoyed this so much I am gleaming all But really, dogs are men and women's best friends.

  20. I know he is waiting, eager and wild. What a reunion to look forward to,


  21. It may be long gone but it'll be waiting. Always a man's oops! a lady's best friend too!


  22. This was definitely a lump-in-my-throat read for me. Beautiful and I pray ... let it be so.

  23. So much joy in your words! I feel he' s really happy and running with waves...

  24. what a wonderful, sweet memorial to your pet. i lost a kitten this past october. it's heartbreaking. :(


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