Monday, October 5, 2015

Wild Woman, Inexplicable

Wild Woman has inexplicably become
a tired old woman with a gimpy leg,
and a valiant hobble.

Because she has a Can Do attitude,
she still tries to Do,
when a more sensible option
would be lying down 
and elevating her appendage.

Days are slow, but still not long enough.
She taps and taps at the keys
like a telegraph operator,
listening for hidden messages.

In her world, sleeping is not a problem.
It is the waking up that is the tricky part.
First thing she does every morning, 
after testing her legs, 
to make sure they will hold her up,
is turn on the computer, 
whose comforting hum companions her 
through another day of living.

Sometimes she opens her mouth 
and emits  a weird cackle, 
that sends the ravens shooting out of the trees 
in an explosion skyward, flapping and cawing.
When they return, they land tentatively,
prepared to be infrequently alarmed.

This woman has lived long and is fierce.
She consorts with wolves and shamans
and hobbles to the beat of the drum.

This woman is tired and soft.
She lies on the couch and 
cries over sad movies.

Wild Woman has inexplicably become
a tired old woman with a gimpy leg,
but a valiant hobble.
She hunches over her keyboard
tapping out salutations to the outside world,
and listens for hidden messages.

[LOL. One can only laugh! ]


  1. Inexplicable indeed! You keep that inner Light and life tapping and humming and searching for meaning and (though you may need to do something about those knees) you'll stay youthful with an elder's wisdom! LOL I'll cackle with you.

  2. Well at least you have lived fierce, and might I strongly suggest resting that leg so that you can once again be fierce, and not be forced to gimp. You are quite funny wild woman, I might just cackle myself.

  3. So nice that you can laugh. Sometimes, that's all we can do. I don't like thinking of you as gimpy. Recover soon. Wildwoman is a fierce, aggressive force. But, rest let yourself be tame for a little while. It's ok.

  4. Ah, Sherry, more power to the wild woman. The world listens out for her song.

  5. Love that you wrote this - however I see older wild woman as closing her eyes leaning against a sturdy tree - sunlight streaming through - embraced and healed by the wildness around her - the scent of the sea from which she came and to which she now returns filling her senses - her hand resting on the soft ruff of the wolf at her side as the force of the Source hums all about and through you.

  6. the wild woman is a life giving force...i love and deeply admire her can do attitude...long live dear hermit....

  7. We need you, Wild Woman, gimpy leg or not. Keep consorting with wolves and other forms of fierce energy - we love you xx xx

  8. Sherry, I think that this leg has gotten you down. I hope that you will take time to rest it and let the whole world go by for a while. Isn't the internet wonderful? One can reach outward from within one's own home. And one can also receive greetings from friends who you have never met. No greater joy on those painful days.

  9. We luv your salutations. Keep tapping and rest that leg. Have a wonderful day

    Much love...

  10. I just hope your legs will allow you more.. but as long as your fingers can dance on the keyboard we can continue to dance with the wolves, fly with the owls and pour the shaman's drumbeat into our words.

  11. Oh, Sherry do take care~ I hope you are better soon~ You encourage so many to be their best!
    Sending you healing light and flowers-autumn roses! Hugs


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