Sunday, October 11, 2015

Mother Ocean / Small Stream

[Rogers Creek trail by Kristina Kemps 
of Heart of Vancouver Island

Small stream, as you gambol down rocky cliffs,
burble and babble in swirling pools,
chuckle in the afternoon sunlight,
you meet obstacles
on your journey to the sea.

Drought dries up your stream bed for a time,
or logs crash down and clog your passage 
with mud and debris
it might take aeons to dislodge,
before you can flow freely
once again.

And yet you persevere,
with confidence,
with courage, with determination,
with gaiety,
because forward is the only direction you know,
and your life's work is 
to finally reach the sea.

You stay serene and focused,
because you know that,
whatever may befall you as you travel,
still, you are water,
each drop of you as necessary
to the cycle of life as the next.
You know, one day you will merge
with Mother Ocean,
will become one with her,
will immerse yourself in her immensity
for all time.
Already, even at such a distance,
you are one,
for, still and always, 
you are water.


  1. "your life's work is
    to finally reach the sea."
    And already, no matter the obstacle, she is part of you--both water! Quite a bit of nature/Buddha wisdom here.

  2. I read this as a journey to be ultimately united with our mother or earth ~

    A beautiful message Sherry ~

  3. As you will co with Pup. Just believe.

  4. I am having computer problems - meant to say:
    As you will be with Pup.

  5. "because forward is the only direction you know,"..beautifully inspiring, as always :)

  6. So beautiful message in this, lets keep going.

  7. We should keep moving forward. Always. Loved the piece.

  8. Wonderful, beautiful way to speak to water, to ourselves too. We are mostly water and it pushes us forward. Love this poem Sherry. It is a prayer of gratitude and faith.


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