Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Wild Woman Calls 9-1-1

Wild Woman is putting in a 9-1-1 call
to the universe.
It appears her vivacity has been
temporarily misplaced
under the grey-sky-fall/foul-weather-blahs.
She needs an injection of something vital
to re-animate her unwilling appendages.
She needs something to prop up her head,
for her neck is tired of bearing the weight
of All Her Thoughts.
She needs more time in bed.

But, lo! What is this?
There is a raven peering disapprovingly 
in the window, beak pursed thinly.
Wild Women, apparently, 
are expected to get wilder with age,
not increasingly tired.

Wild Women never get to retire,
as it is a self-imposed post.

Okay, wait a minute.
She has a handy cackle on tap,
and a weary but Can-Do heart. 
She can do this.

Her leg explores the floor speculatively;
she slowly rises. So far, so good.
A pratfall in this poem might  be entertaining,
but it would do Wild Woman little good.
Since we are the authors of this tale,
let's send in a darkly handsome man-servant 
with a cup of vanilla latte.
A team of prancing ponies?
A chariot of fire to lift her higher?

Things are definitely looking up!

Here's something even better:
let's send her to Tofino tomorrow 
for a Total Soul Re-Animation.
That'll do the trick!

Sorry, kids. I am in a Brain Warp at the moment, as the grey skies rolled in and all my energy seeped out. But I AM going to Tofino tomorrow, which will restore me to mySelf. The beach is lovely in any weather, as only a beach can be. This bit of silliness is posted, with my apologies,  for Susan's prompt at Midweek Motiff: Animation. 


  1. You are SORRY!?? This is wonderful. By here:
    "But, lo! What is this?
    There is a raven peering disapprovingly
    in the window, beak pursed thinly."
    I was cackling wildly. I so relate but I don't have the ability (yet) to talk with the birds. "her neck is tired of bearing the weight
    of All Her Thoughts."
    I love the capital letters and the break down into parts which that first foot out of bed will have to take with her. Yes, fill that Tofino prescription. LOL. Seriously, I hope you get some of those other fantasies too. Feel Better, Wild Woman!

  2. Oh, you ah-mazing Wild Woman, you! I have just read this twice, smiled so wide my mouth hurts, laughed out loud, and been utterly delighted by both sound and content.

    "Okay, wait a minute.
    She has a handy cackle on tap,
    and a weary but Can-Do heart."

    I will now be keeping a "handy cackle on tap," at all times. Fantastic.

    Dig those toes into some sand, and enjoy your wild self. I'm so delighted by you. :)

  3. Ah, there is really nothing like a bit of 'silliness' to re-animate the spirit! I know you will feel better after being given a 'shot' of Tofino! And...ha...retirement? What's that?

  4. 'Total Soul Re-Animation.' is your Tofino. and how creatively you self-answered the questions! You will be healed in no time!

  5. Sherry, why are you saying sorry? We should say thanks to you for posting such a wonderful poem. I absolutely loved it. Have a great time in Tofino.
    Much love :)

  6. Agreed with others.. this is such a sweet & emotive write Sherry. You always add a spark to your work which emits charm and beauty.

    Lots of love,

  7. If that's a Brain Warp, let's all order one quick! WONDERFUL poem. It seems every new one you write becomes my latest favourite, and this sure is right now.

    Joy to you in Tofino.

  8. I so related with this (although the Raven has given up on me) as morning comes knocking, threatening almost saying "get up or else!"

  9. I love it. Every word.

  10. Sherry, I can't believe you're apologizing. I had so much fun with this one. All at your expense, but you wrote it. Even when your energy is down, you come up with ideas that lift my sprit.
    I know Tofino is your best medicine. Take a huge dose.

  11. I love your Wild Woman persona...she's fierce!

  12. If only my Universe 911 calls were answered by darkly handsome man-servant with a cup of vanilla latte. LOL...loved that!!!

  13. I love the idea of a 911 call to the universe.

  14. I loved this one. And your prancing ponies made me smile as I had prancing unicorns. Enjoy your Tofino R&R.

  15. The weather is every so bleah here as well. Time for the beach indeed.

  16. I spent the day at a beautiful beach today. Glad you are off tomorrow. You know if you set your mind to it you could meet that man servant with the brooding dark looks tomorrow. If I'm right you have to tell me:)

  17. This is a fantastic poem Sherry - I agree no need to apologise..poetically it was another glance at what it means to be a Wild Woman..time in bed is freeing and necessary although enjoy your trip to Tofino...much deserved xo

  18. let's send her to Tofino tomorrow
    for a Total Soul Re-Animation.

    Chuckles! Good idea. There has to be a transformation. It can well work wonders!.


  19. I loathe those days that are in a grey area. Lacking energy to even move. Especially when everything is so much happier in motion.

  20. WOW!! The will to dare, the will to rise calls for new adventure...Fantastic piece, Sherry! Enjoy Tofino! :)
    Lovedddd this!

  21. 911 instantly brings us animation here.
    beautiful verse.

  22. Love this witty poem, Sherry, everything from the 911 call, the disapproving raven, and the handy cackle on tap!

  23. well I hope it has done wonders. Im sorry my comment is so late. The computer I am borrowing does not always allow linky and other times it wont leave a comment. So out of frustration Im not writing.


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