Wednesday, October 14, 2015

On Eagle's Wings

aerial photo of the Taylor River, 
Sproat Lake in the distance

Hobbling Woman is gazing at the sky:
up there, the earth is a true-blue dream,
of rivers and lakes and forests,
graced by clouds.

Out where the river bends,
a hooty-owl calls sleepily
from a time-bent bough.
Hobbling Woman hears it
from fifty miles away.

"I send you my heart, on eagle's wings.
Send it back to me, please,
filled with a true-blue dream
of earth and sky."


  1. A delightful piece indeed. Thanks for sharing!

  2. We may hobble but our dreams sour....a lovely and inspiring poem Sherry! :-)

  3. sending the heart on eagle's wings is a cool image - i bet that is a journey the heart would enjoy a lot

  4. What a lovely true-blue dream of earth and sky ~


  5. A super pretty poem, sherry. There was a terribly depressing article in the NY Times about oceans today--I'm going to get the link as you may find it interesting--if sad.

  6. Sherry, I hope that true blue dream DOES return to you....and soon!

  7. I love how hobbling woman communicates with nature. It's message will return.


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