Thursday, August 6, 2015


Victoria Quay, Port Alberni
Safe Harbour @kyle11smith

Migrants drown off of 
the coast of Libya,
desperately fleeing a desperate life.
Another shooting at a Toronto club.
Election speeches, 
attack ads and empty rhetoric.
The guide who helped kill Cecil the lion
dismisses charges as 'frivolous'.
Wildfires rage. Rivers dry up.
Wildlife grow thinner.
Same old same old.
Business as usual.

Picture one rose.
Lift your eyes to the perfect puffy clouds.
Avert your gaze from
the darkness that lurks
this single, shining moment.
Bask within its momentary glow.
Sweet release,
to ease the pain
of knowing what we know.


  1. rough summer - may we all find peace!

  2. So much in our world today that is disillusioning, isn't it? Yes - 'same old same old. Business as usual.' We do have to take time to enjoy what we the one rose!

  3. Oh what a beautiful way to balance what we know. I love this poem. It is realistic but the ending is so soothing, positive in the consolation of each moment. Lovely words here Sherry.


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