Friday, August 7, 2015

A Receptacle for Rain

If I am a vase,
I am a chipped one,
thrown off a back porch, 
lying on my side, 
without apparent function,
in the tall weedy grass.

There is a bit of scum in the bottom
from my glory years,
when I was filled with extravagant blossoms.
I did not know that would not last.
Vases lose their sheen after a century
of  containing all they must contain,
of holding on until they must let go.
The blooms go on 
to do their living elsewhere.

But an ambling dog came along
and nosed me upright,
sniffed within and,
finding nothing edible, moved on.

Now I can see the sky.
I am receptacle for rain
and moonlight,
filled with fatigue,
and a great, lasting peace.

for  Artistic Interpretations with Margaret: Vases, over at Real Toads.


  1. Ah, I think that a chipped vase has the most character! Loss of sheen is inconsequential!

  2. This speaks to me, Sherry. Beautiful work.

  3. But true beauty of the vase is always in the dents.. A wonderful thoughtful piece Sherri,

  4. Beautiful, Sherry. I loves the lines "Vases lose their sheen after a century
    of containing all they must contain,
    of holding on until they must let go." So true of people too.

  5. My new favorite! A receptacle for the minutes of life becomes over time, a receptacle for the momentous liveliness of full being. Because of this poem, more people may notice.

  6. I thought that was lovely. Well done!

  7. Wow...Sherry, you've personified this vase so well...your closing stanza is so perfect...I love the image of it being filled with moonlight and peace. :)

  8. Sherry, this is perfect! I didn't notice a pic of a broken vase; ironic, since that's how I see myself. There is beauty in those edges, and zen... That "scum at the bottom" YES, I was chuckling as I read this, for it's not only residue, but a quality of those experiences that make the past the PAST. amen! Amy

  9. On this prompt, I thought and thought. Blank.

    You, on the other hand, have taken this vase and gave it personality and value. I hope my vase does as well as yours. Beautiful.

  10. So truth in this and an apt example for our fragile human life.

  11. Ah, this is perfect expression of....a vase, but how eagerly we give the words/life to inanimate objects!
    Classical words at the end! x

  12. Truly an artistic adventure. One can never always see the beauty of a broken vase but the artist sees pleasure in it. It invokes the inner part of the artistic mind. Great lines Sherry!


  13. I just adore the title line and the whole viewpoint you have offered here. Such a unique interpretation, Sherry.

  14. Love your title...It is the chipped case that has seen/participated in life.

  15. This is truly an ARTISITIC interpretaion. How beautifully you describe that vase's youth, and how wonderfully it contains wisdom now. A chipped vase is still beautiful Sherry.

  16. "I am receptacle for rain
    and moonlight," ...

    Your poetry does often contain melancholy, but it is just this sort of "sherry" touch that offers hope as well. :)


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