Wednesday, November 19, 2014

World Toilet Day

The Mayan women came to visit,
passing in wonder all the rushing rivers, 
fresh-water lakes, waterfalls -
an abundance of resources,
their eyes round and amazed.

They visited huge homes,
filled with every manner 
of luxury and convenience.

They showed us slides,
how they carefully carried 
a small can of precious water
to water, one by one,  the roots 
of tiny tree seedlings
in parched, cracked earth.
They showed us a slide
of their proudest possession -
a flower-bedecked latrine, 
recently built for their village.

It was a child who asked them:
"Do you have any questions 
you want to ask us?"

"Yes," one replied. 
"Why do North Americans
complain so much?"
And we were silenced.

for Susan's prompt at Mid-Week Motif: Health, and/or World Toilet Day, which is today. 


  1. Um, I'm thinking "no shit, Sherlock" but I suspect it would be in appropriate to post to your page.
    Luv, K

  2. It is so true. We can be so ungrateful and entitled. Great poem Sherry.

  3. When it comes to complaining, no one beats the French, believe me! Even when everyone else thinks something great happens, the French will feel suspicious. Thought-provoking poem, Sherry.

  4. Ha, we definitely could learn from the Mayans.

  5. Superb! I have a DVD from Mayans in Oaxaca about caring for land and limiting the kind of change allowed. I'm so glad you took up the challenge of World Toilet Day!

  6. Each piece of nature is precious. Where did we turn left instead of right along life's road???

  7. true and difficult to accept but we are never contented. such an enlightening piece Sherry

  8. Affluence clearly brings neither happiness or understanding. We learn so little.

  9. Great write Sherry. It is amazing the things we take for granted. Hope you're still enjoying a happy toilet day. Truly, that is something to celebrate!

  10. sometimes it's the differnce between walking by or amidst a bed of wild flowers and you look around, pleasure your eyes, smell them and not plucking them from their earth bound roots just to have but leaving them where they grow for others to experience the same

    the difference between appreciating and wanting

    gracias mi amiga

  11. I am not unfamiliar with this my own country such problems are in galore...poetry is all about life & you gave your voice and heart to their plight Sherry...

  12. Ouch. This is a great (and much needed) reminder to count our blessings before we complain. It also reminds me to constantly be looking for ways to help people as much as possible, particularly those less fortunate than me.

    Excellent poem.

  13. The youngsters grew up in comfort. This subject of being proud for would be revelation for them. lol ~ Interesting poem, Sherry.


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