Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Radical Gratitude

how do we give back for so much beauty?
sight, and laughter, and love and dreams,
rushing river, burbling streams,
the miracle and mystery,
the beauty and the blight,
the chance to keep trying
to get it right.

give back for it all.
give thanks without ceasing,
even for the unwanted passage
that turns out to be the very portal
your soul has been seeking.

Oracle Owl calls from the forest deep:
don't go back to sleep, don't go back to sleep.

posted for Susan's timely prompt at Mid Week Motif: Gratitude


  1. Every moment, a gift. Too late have I begun to understand, Sherry

  2. I guess by showing up, wide awake! That's what this gentle lyric is telling me.

  3. Sherry,

    Nature extols so many gifts in our direction, I don't think there are enough words to give full gratitude. You always and so eloquently remind us through your poetry and writing, much of what there is out there. Love the owls night gift of voice!!
    Best wishes Sherry,

  4. There is nothing so enlightening as a walk in the dark forest! There you are the stranger and you hear the trees, the streams and the other creatures talking about you. So many of us have a deaf ear to nature. Great poem Sherry.

  5. why go back to sleep when you have lots of things around you to thank for?
    lovely write Sherry

  6. There is so much to give thanks for in nature. The hooting of the owl is my favourite part,

  7. From your poem I will take the message....give back and give thanks. If we would all follow both guidelines, what a difference it would make.

  8. You are a wise woman, Sherry Blue Sky. Thanks for this lovely poem.

  9. Being thankful is a great feeling.

  10. I love, "the chance to keep trying to get it right"--that is beautiful and captures the idea of gratitude...just wanting to keep trying, out of awe and wonder in all we get to just get this life thing right.

  11. "give thanks without ceasing,"...the mantra to live, to be happy & make all life safe...

  12. Hi ant sherry, this is skittlez. i want to tell u that i yam very grateful for the toyz u sent me! i play with them all the time, espeshully the crackly one.

    luv, skittlez

  13. The least we can do to express our gratitude for the beauty of Nature is to take good care of it.

  14. no, dont go back to sleep...that is for sure....
    love the title...if we really possessed such gratitude imagine the world in which we we would not take for granted....

  15. being thankful for the unwanted passages as well... not always easy but yeah - i know situations when exactly those unwanted passages have turned into something so unexpected and opened new doors... it is cool when this happens...

  16. Oh this is soooo beautiful Sherry. Nature certainly wakes us up. I saw an owl the other day. It starred at me of course. Perhaps it was indeed warning me - don't go back to sleep. I'm thrilled by this poem.

  17. Another magnificent poem, Sherry! Good point about the hard passages being 'the very portals' — and of course I love the finale.

  18. Being grateful for nature's blessings will be blessed with lots of returns. One can even have the privilege of different sounds and melody! Great write Sherry!


  19. Positive attitude and gratefulness brings you much blessings back...unwanted passages perhaps are given to us to learn a new lesson to evolve our soul~ good on you to accept this! ~ Love x

  20. This is just lovely, Sherry. Really wise and beautiful. K.


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