Tuesday, November 25, 2014

A Spine Poem

The searching spirit,
the audacity of hope -
fire in the soul.

Reason for hope,
a return to Love -
paths to peace.

Being peace,
peace is every step -
the open heart.

Compassion in action,
I give you my life -
How can I help?

A spine poem in response to Izy's post at  Real Toads.


  1. Excellent, Sherry. This poem says something important, as well as expressing YOU.

  2. Great choice of titles, Sherry! I like the compassion and generosity of your words.

  3. an open heart and ear for others is worth gold... also being a peace-bringer...

  4. i tried it

    much love...

  5. i have read quite a few of these...it is a cool form too...sam had us do it a bit ago and it is pretty cool what you can find when you put the titles together...

  6. I like how the titles weave to create something that makes so much sense. I like this. Will try it sometime.


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