Friday, November 7, 2014


photo by Jon Merk

And now the little nightbirds all are sleeping.
A froggy chorus rides the evening air.
High in the cedar, mourning doves are calling;
in the topmost branch, they've found
some purchase there.

The dusky light sifts softly down the mountain.
The heron on one leg folds up her wing.
Owl swoops the tall grass searching for her dinner.
Around the pond the noisy crickets sing.

Onto the darkening pasture creeps the nightfall,
atop the barn, a single slice of moon.
The stars wink on. The twilight turns
to darkness. It's time to sleep.
Morning will come too soon.

One from the archives, kids. This was written in 2013. Felt like posting something more cheerful this morning........Annell suggested I could have written Dead Woman, Hobbling, which cracked me up. I still might do it, it's an excellent idea!


  1. This is so gorgeous and peaceful, Sherry. Love this.

  2. All the creatures doing their things! a very vivid description

  3. Oh, yes, I love this, Sherry. It's a beautiful lullabye.

  4. Dusk is such a beautiful time of day....every creature of nature prepares to rest, as do we.

  5. i see from this photo that someone has the eye inherited from mom.

    your words and this image touch me deeply. it reminds me of a photo i have in my archive of one where mi mamasita is walking on a beach head at dusk in Virginia Beach. you have recaptured this moment for me by the lovely words that express the vision and the sounds that mamasita must have been experiencing .

    gracias mi amiga

  6. Sooooooooooooo beautiful.....the night holds so much mystery and so much beauty.

  7. Maybe 'cause just got back from visiting my grandkids, but this poem is so dreamy, I felt it could easily be illustrated and made into a children's book. I loved it.


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