Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Becoming Young

I did it backwards,
came to life at 27,
turned 40 and ran away all free and wild.
I was born old,
far too scared of hell and heaven,
raised all my kids,
and then became a child.

I started rocking it at 64
(will you still need me,
and still feed me
as before?)
Stay tuned.
I trust that there are
still, of years,
some more.

With each decade
I have become
more of my Self.
It's cool (if you're me)
scary (if you're related to me)
how life has filled my cup.
I live in such a way
that every morning, next door,
I can hear them say,
with foreboding,
"Oh, God! She's up!"

I know
all of my songs
are not yet sung.
In the best of worlds,
as we age,
we become
Forever Young.

for Kerry's prompt at Toads: Youth and Age
I have limited computer access this week, kids, as am away from home. 
If I dont make it around to everyone today, I will visit you tomorrow.


  1. Inspirational piece of writing, Sherry. Stay "Forever Young".

    Pamela ox

  2. Love! I have had my never-grow-up and forever young moments. I will stay tuned, Miss Sherry, as your songs get better and better!

  3. AMEN!

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    =^..^= . <3 . >< } } (°>

  4. Sherry, I am sure you have many songs yet to sing!!

  5. Good for you - sing 'em loud and clear!

  6. A very positive and refreshing attitude to age. Long may you reign Sherry !

  7. How I applaud you, life is far more interesting if you don't follow the rules or even the years either.

  8. Let's agree to throw away the numbers and be as young as we feel. Well, maybe I need to rethink that. Right now my arthritis has flared and I'm having troublr walking. But, I still feel young, am young in thought and intention. You certainly are too. Yay!

  9. Cheers!!! I love this..the numbers blur the lines and we become ourselves! I too feel young-the secret is as our skin ages-our insides still want to kick our heels and spin! Love this one~

  10. When I reached the line "Oh, God! She's up!" my face widened into a smile. Thank you for writing such an inspiring piece.

  11. as we age,
    we become
    Forever Young.

    I like this Sherry! Appropriately it tells on how Hank feels right now!. Am utterly glad I'm not alone! Witty tale Ma;am!


  12. love that old song...will you still love me, will you still hold me, when i'm 64?

    i spend a lot of my day every day alone, well i do have my kids (canine family) but they're older and have lost much of their human responding traits. this unfortunately is the way our society is constructed, where the aging and the aged are discarded or left all alone. other cultures, my birth place culture, treausre their elders.

    que tu dia se va contenta, mi amiga

  13. that's 'treasure'...sorry dyslexic fingers

  14. wish we were neighbors, Sherry, i'd be all OH YEAH SHE'S UP!! LET'S GO!
    :) love this reflection. xo

  15. This is so self-affirming, Sherry. You put me in mind of Merlin in The Sword in the Stone who was living backwards through time - growing younger as others aged.

  16. Bravo! I love the mention of your neighbors!

  17. I was a 'kid' with my kids. Will never forget the day my youngest son, then 10 or 11, said "Mom you've kind of lived your life backward haven't you?" How perceptive. My coming of age happened when I was 40! You rock, my dear.

  18. I LOVE that your neighbor says oh god she's up! You're doing it just right. Rock on.

  19. This one is my favourite. Love the energy and vigour of this piece. You continue you "rock it", Sherry. :)

  20. very cool... keep on singing that songs and keep finding new ones as well... i wanna age like that... carefree and a bit wild..ha... smiles

  21. Honey, this is so damned YOU. It's your manifesto. You should post it on your front door as a warning to canvassers, lol! Truly, a Sherry Pronouncement, with all the sweetness and that dash of vinegar we need to become The Great Old Crones of this world.

    In our hearts, always looking for The Next Thing To Do... try not to get arrested. Love you always, Amy

  22. The exuberance for life purely sings through the lines in this piece, Sherry! Marvelous!

  23. Ha ! Sounds good to me. K.

  24. Keep it up, young lady. You deserve it.
    Luv and hugs, K

  25. I don't see the comment I posted a few minutes ago. Oh well. Anyway, I think it is awesome that you are enjoying life more and more as you age. That is how we all should go about it!


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