Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wild Woman On Freedom

Crone with Cane, Pointing the Way

As you know,
Wild Woman has
quite a lot to say
about freedom.
Likely because she had to 
claw her way out of bondage
more than once
in order to find it.

She'll spare you the details:
the abuse,
the alcoholic conman
who burned down her store,
the emotional attraction
to emotionally unavailable men.

Suffice it to say,
Wild Woman's spirit
has always retreated
and walled itself off
during trauma,
thus permitting
her naturally optimistic nature,
(and her cackle),
to surface and resurface
after each
devastating debacle.

They sang "Freedom's 
just another word
for nothing left to lose"
and they were right
about the "nothing".
But the regaining
of solitude,
and peace,
and no more drama
is a freedom
beyond price.

is Wild Woman's
pearl of pearls.

At Poets United's Verse First today, Kim has set us another inspiring prompt : to say what freedom means to us. Toni Morrison's quote is given: "the function of freedom is to free someone else." This must be why Wild Woman writes : having been through the fire, she hopes to help her younger sisters make their own escapes.


  1. Beautiful Sherry. To have peace is worth everything.

  2. Hurray! Freedom is the something else NOT to lose! And it is the residence of the cackle and optimism, the wisdom of spirit, indomitable spirit. Thank you for this insight.

  3. These are words of wisdom, your words 'pearls of pearls', Sherry. Liberation is both an outward and an inward process.
    " regaining
    of solitude,
    and peace,
    and no more drama
    is a freedom
    beyond price."-- Exquisite! Loved the spirit of writing this piece.:)) Thanks a lot.

  4. Peace is indeed a great treasure. And Wild Woman must be brave! One of my favourite sayings (I don't know who said it) is: Courage is the price that life exacts for granting peace.

  5. Sherry, I think you know the real meaning of freedom. Sometimes it IS hard earned.

  6. Wise, spiritual crone and wacky wild woman ~ we salute you!

  7. Sherry, your words are gem I would like to keep... it just widens my understanding of the word 'freedom'.... thank you... smiles...

  8. talk about dropping the big, heavy wow with the last graph. boom.

  9. Freedom is when there is nothing to lose. Absolutely but lots to gain! Loved every word here Sherry, bountiful in optimism to head on

  10. Sherry, the details left out make me wonder how much you have dealt with and at the same time make me realize that these are what must have led you to freedom and wisdom! So glad you were able to keep your optimism through it all and share your pearls with others who need them as well!

  11. Wow Sherry the clawing and the pearls say so much~ I was thinking about doing this challenge and claws came to mind. I think I have wild women tendencies~ ;D
    Bravo for sharing this bold wisdom and spreading your wise wings!

  12. So glad you are free Sherry. After all the clawing, you clearly know the meaning of freedom and I love how much you appreciate it.

  13. Sherry,

    I just love your 'pearl of pearls,' just as much as your fantastic 'pearls of wisdom.'...Your inner peace is felt through this poem. The taste of freedom is obvious...and the sound of that familiar CACKLE:)
    Best wishes,

  14. I love Janis Joplin! This is a fantastic poem Sherry I love how personal it is, I really feel you in your words no masks just you

  15. I see you all over this, Sherry. You are a pearl among pearls, your own sweet self. Wild Woman is wise, knows what works and doesn't tend to repeat mistakes ad nauseum like some women. Very good take on the prompt, hon! Amy

  16. Ever so true - freedom from drama is true freedom. I've gone through that too. Nice write.

  17. Sherry,

    Your writing is always so spirit driven it drifts on the wings of freedom..soaring high above in another elevation.


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