Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Loving the World


Kids, I am sheer exhaustion from head to toe right now, and was wondering what to share with you, but not a Thought would Think. Came across this wonderful poem by Wendell Berry, and decided to post it for you till the sludge lifts in my brain.

Love This Miraculous World

Our understandable wish
to preserve the planet
must somehow be 
to the scale of our
Love is never abstract.
It does not adhere 
to the universe
or the planet
or the nation
or the institution
or the profession,
but to the singular
sparrows of the street,
the lilies of the field,
"the least of these
my brethren".
Love this miraculous world
that we did not make,
that is a gift to us.

-Wendell Berry

Have a great day, kids!


  1. Yes, it is definitely the sparrows and the lilies that ARE 'the world.' Along with other creatures....rather than institutions and the like!

    This is indeed a poem with a beautiful message.

  2. Thank you Sherry, this is beautiful. Sorry you're so tired. Hope you can get some rest.

  3. Feel better, sweetie! Thanks for posting a favorite.

  4. So sorry you're tired and feeling sludgy, lots of love to you xxx

  5. Love the concept that love adheres to nothing and no one, but itself. Wonderful share my friend and hope you get some rest.


  6. hope you get some rest sherry...nice verse...we are only the caretakers of this gift..

  7. Wendell Berry has so much to say about the respect we owe our mother earth--this is one I hadn't read. Thanks for sharing,Sherry, and as always, thanks for your continuous support. Now get some rest! ;_)

  8. Thanks for sharing this beautiful piece!


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