Wednesday, May 29, 2013

No Goodbyes

I always knew your leaving
would bring heartache.
I grieved two years
before you even died.
I didnt half know
the abyss
you'd leave behind you,
or that I'd never
find a way
to say 

I miss you
every day
and every moment.
It makes me cry,
still, when I say your name.
Forever and forever
I will miss you,
and I refuse
to ever
say the word

The prompt at Poetry Jam this week is Goodbye. This popped into my head in response. Of course it made me cry. Over at Cressida's blog, she wrote about another big black dog. Her poem, too, made me cry, so my eyes are awash this morning, at the thought of those big, devoted and departed hearts.


  1. I can’t find the words to comfort you, but know that your words will comfort all the pet-owners who read this poem.Being a dog-lover, it was so easy to relate to it.. it’s so hard to say good-bye to a dog, Sherry.

  2. And I'll hug my big black dog, knowing one day I too will have to say goodbye to him.

  3. Love like this merely crosses a border, it doesn't end.

  4. Sherry, so sorry! What a cute patient pup to pose with that hat on!

  5. Hugs to you Sherry--mine is also older now and I know one day soon I will have o say goodbye and I don't have the slightest idea of how to do that

  6. Your wonderful dog will be waiting for you. He is waiting to say HELLO again; and someday he will. Meanwhile I know you honor his memory with thoughts and with poetry, keeping him close!

  7. so sad...losing a pet is losing a part of the family...they live so much of life with us...and bring us such comfort as well in our times of need..we lost our cat in december after nearly 13 years of adventures....

  8. Sorry for your loss, Sherry. Heartbreaking to lose a pet, have lost a few and always they leave me with such a sense of loss.

  9. I feel your pain, Sherry. The loss of a pet is so difficult and I know you were especially close to him.

  10. Nope, no goodbyes. Just "until next time, my friend." You'll see him again and share life with him again. I believe that as sure as I'm sitting here.

  11. Thank you for your kind comment Sherry.We can console ourselves, being blessed by having had such wonderful companions...about 43% do not have pets...imagine not having that dimension to your life and what you are missing out on!

  12. That hat perched on top of his head is priceless! Oh, the wonderful memories you must have ........

  13. Good old Pup... stylin' the hat! Goodbye is a word I never say... it's too final. Thanks for a good cry, because I was due, Sherry. Love, Amy

  14. My heart breaks again each time I think of my departed canines. I have their ashes, which some people think is weird, but it's my way of clinging on to their special energy. i have trouble saying goodbye too.

  15. Heart-breaking and sadness, losing love is difficult and full of pain. Well written.

  16. I repeat what I commented on another post about another beloved black dog ... a loyal love never ends and a goodbye is unnecessary as the heart and mind can still hold that love up for daily celebration ... be comforted, dearie.

  17. strongly defiant in the name of love.


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