Friday, May 24, 2013

A Windigo Wind

*Windigo, Who Punishes Excess

A Windigo wind blows across the land,
warning us that we have been taking
more than we need,
and putting nothing back.
It is trying to tell us
we need to go back
to the Old Times,
when man and nature
lived in harmony,
and no action was taken
without consideration for 
the seventh generation.

A big black wolf is wandering
through my dreams and through my heart,
wolf spirit,
Windigo of the wolf clan,
howling a lament
at the destruction
of his habitat,
the starvation of his young,
the extinction
of his tribe.

I am swimming a wide river,
farther than I have
the strength to go,
when, under me,
lifts the body of a great turtle
who supports me to
the farther shore.

I am lost at sea in a thick fog
and cannot find home
when a pod of killer whales,
sensing my distress telepathically,
encircles my boat
and guides me to shore,
to my own dock,
then glides silently
into the night
and away.

Nature tries to help us.
Creatures show us the way.
But in our noise and clamor,
in the tumult of our souls,
we cannot hear them.

The forest is deep and dark,
and there are spirits here.
I look, and look again,
and all the trees are rearranged.
Shapeshifters, shadows,
flit from tree to tree, 
and a mournful  Windigo wind
sings through the branches.

Owl, Oracle, Guardian,
protect me as I go.

* In the film connected to the picture, The Great Wind, Windigo, punishes a young man for his greed, for wanting more than he needs. Wikipedia describes a Windigo as a legend of the Algonquin people, a cannabalistic spirit that can possess humans in times of famine and is to be guarded against. 

The event with the killer whales really happened to a woman I met once who lives among the whales in Simoon Sound. Alexandra Morton has dedicated her life to the well being of the whales and, more recently,  to raising the alarm about the endangered salmon habitat in her area.


  1. I love how this poem moves from wind to wolf to water stories, with the cadence of chant and alliterated "W"s keeping with the Windigo wind sound throughout. We separate good and evil too readily, having learned over and over that beneath the surface beat caring hearts. Let us pray.

  2. I too love the progression of this piece--it feels dreamlike in that way and prophetic! Beautiful piece!

  3. This awes me, Sherry! I am struck especially by the black wolf.

  4. I felt as if I was watching you dream. And your dreams always seem to be about nature. You are so connected the sacredmess of this earth. Beautiful writing.

  5. This has a song like quality! It should be a theme song for Earth Day-mmmh, where is my guitar?! Love it~ :D

  6. Its time human race realises this and starts caring for earth.....thanks for this poem...

  7. haunting images.and I loved the trinity at the close.solemn liturgical ending.

  8. I absolutely agree with each and all preceding comments - the poem itself moves like the wind or the cry of a wolf on the wind .... Lovely

  9. yes the nature and our heart has always whispered what was right , but we fail to hear. Nice poem

  10. A poem with an ecology all its own. Great write with an important message.

  11. The imagery is divine and it has the quality of a fable with a powerful moral =)

  12. We have forgotten to live in harmony with Nature. While she is ever benevolent we constantly destroy her. It's no wonder that in recent times, Nature is sending us many warnings and her benevolence turning to fury. Beautifully written poem but made me feel uneasy.

  13. "But in our noise and clamor,
    in the tumult of our souls,
    we cannot hear them." we must slow down, observe, see that we are part of everything as everything is part of us...I feel this is the way to reconnection and loving, caring for our shared home.

    Your poem is beautiful Sherry. Your friend, amazing.

  14. Nature is taken for granted, Man is not appreciative. Nature retaliates and only then awareness is registered by Man and it's too late! A great story-line, Sherry!


  15. It is important, especially for a mostly city dweller like me, to be reminded of how important it is to re-connect with the natural world and the spirits held within. I must step up my number of visits, incorporate more than just 2 or 3 camping trips. There is little that compares to a middle night viewing of stars next to the sound of water, and away from the noise of city life. Wonderful poem.

  16. This is an astounding write, sad so many have lost their connection to the earth and its creatures.

  17. I liked the way a story unfolds. A heartfelt poem about nature and the instincts for survival pleading to be heard. Beautifully written./

  18. What a lovely reminder Sherry ~ Let us learn from mother nature, she is the best guide ~ Love your story ~

  19. We need millions of people joining in, across countries and continents so that conservation and restoration of environs and ecology becomes the driving philosophy of humankind,above politics, policies and diverse ideologies.

    Thank you Sherry, for chipping in!

  20. Great Poem. I really like the content.

  21. there's a special feeling i get reading your stuff, like i am sitting in front of you outside beneath an ancient tree with the vistas of the world spread out to gaze at and contemplate. the seventh generation, i fear this is not a concept popular in the consumerist culture, let alone social contract. as we watch the world desecrated by plunderers, it's good to have each other. it's good to remember the old voices as you do so magically well. it's good to enjoy each other's company while the crazies are in charge and are taking more than they can possibly fill their pockets with. your work fills me with possibilities:)

  22. my wish would be that the owl spirits do protect us ...perhaps from ourselves...the warning in the opening is true...we take much more than we give back surely....there is a bit of magic in your words sherry...

  23. Wow, this is amazing--it breathed spirit into me!The most endearing part was the way the poem progressed...magical composition. Take a bow, Sherry....

  24. Great teachings/ prayer in this poem. It reads like an adventure of the soul. We have been having tremendous winds lately. . . Windigo wind perhaps!

  25. I need a photograph to write a poem. You write a poem to make a photograph.

  26. we need to go back
    to the Old Times,
    when man and nature
    lived in harmony
    <--- Absolutely!

    Technology has widen the divide between Man and nature so much so that it almost seems impossible for this to happen. I believe in a time of returning to harmony with nature will come...learned a lot from reading this piece...thank you. (^_^)

  27. The Second To The Last Verse Is The Poem And Stands Very Strongly Allme.

  28. Oh We really need such wonderful pieces Sherry to wake up from this slumber.

  29. We all should learn a lesson from the Indians. We were so greedy we destroyed the Indians. Very sad. Really enjoyed your blog.

  30. It is like reading a dream - both tranquil and ominous at times. :-)

  31. Wise words Sherry.

    I do worry for this world of ours and worry for my third generation - my grandson - feeling his future will be stark as we rip this Earth apart in our greed for today...

    Anna :o]

  32. a lesson - we need to heed the warnings of nature rather than headstrong just move ahead.

    Nice and strong words Sherry

  33. Such a timely piece about how we humans of plundered nature...stellar writing as always!!


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