Thursday, May 9, 2013

Beyond Belief - Warning Offensive and Upsetting to Animal Lovers

On the news today, they were talking about a restaurant in Tampa, Florida, that serves - take a deep breath - lion meat tacos for $35 a taco. There has been an uproar, but earlier today the owner said he would still be serving them. 

Are humans COMPLETELY DEMENTED? I am appalled and enraged. And, in my soul, there wells up a huge sorrowful roar on behalf of all the lions, whose greatest threat to survival are humans.

sources: National Geographic News, CNN, ABC, USA Today


  1. Insanity knows no bounds! Incredible! What's next? Tigers?

  2. THIS is why I love animals so deeply, and really am endlessly disappointed in humans. This is senseless, pointless, entirely unacceptable and appalling.

  3. What recall does nature have when are so bent on destruction for the almighty dollar?

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  5. Hard to's a crazy world.

  6. I heard about this on Good Morning America today as well. Hopefully, with all of the negative publicity, these places that sell lion meat food items will be forced to STOP. I find it totally appalling that restaurants would do this, AND appalling that people would patronize such restaurants.


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