Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Old Shaman by Marek Hlavaty 

Up in the sky
there is an upside-down world
the mirror opposite of this one.
There, the shamans and dreamweavers
rule by a system of restorative justice.
The old ones make sure
that all the children are fed, and loved,
and told stories, and not one tear falls
that is not comforted.

What the trees breathe out, 
the humans breathe in,
and so trees are considered sacred.
There is no excess, no waste, no More,
in order that all may have Some.

Up in the sky
is a world peopled by my dreams.
On a clear day,
I can almost catch a whiff
of smoke from the pipes of peace.
I hear their drumbeat, always,
in my heart.

For Anthony's prompt at dVerse: to write about a place of our imagination.


  1. where can i get a ticket? do i need a passport? ha. i catch a whiff occassionally but i would love to find it and stay a while....

  2. Oh Sherry Baby, you wrote such a beautiful balladic dream that my soul aches it cannot truly exist on the same plane as human nature. Like the Marxist Utopias of brotherhood, they only work best in the loving dreams, not the dystopian reality of endangered planet, disease, greed, & racism, while religious extremism is made up of rapists in the ranks; oh, to spend an hour, or a day in your mirror-world; wow.

  3. Nice to think about that smoke from the pipe of peace! The world definitely needs that right now.

  4. "the mirror opposite of this one" - this line made me think of Plato and his allegory of the cave. The world you describe sounds most desirable, Sherry.

  5. I wanna go there. A haven that spins off dreams--a sanctuary.

  6. Sherry,

    As I read this I thought of sky world and the beauty that resides there. Yes, the shaman and
    dreamers create a community of love and peace. I too would like to go there..I have seen it in my dreams..such words of wisdom..

  7. Love your fantastic world, Sherry! 'world peopled by my dreams.' ~ nice one...and pipe of peace I want to breathe from,count me in, please :)x

  8. it's not fantasy it's true reserved for the chosen ones..beautiful...

  9. I find it interesting that it is an upside-down world, Sherry. Definitely opposite of what we have now.

  10. no tear that is not comforted... i wish that would come through... i would want to live there...

  11. This is a place I would consider a fantastic place to be... I'm sure the doors there are narrow as a needle's eye.

  12. and when we dream like this, do we reside in the dream in only for a moment. let's dream forevermore.

    lovely, mi amiga

  13. fun image -- well, except, if the world is above you, I could not imagine how the peace-pipe smoke reached you?

  14. This is beautiful Sherry . . . a place many of us would love to visit.

  15. I want to live there. Loved your take...

  16. Sherry,
    This one is a book by itself.

  17. I love this Sherry. I know I say that a lot, but I do. This one especially expresses my sentiments. It comes from your heart and I hear its beat. My heart joins in.

  18. Ah.. the ancestors of old living true to nature in the skeyes of love.. is where i try to live too.. as only imagination not dreamed is what holds US back of what can be both as above so below..:)

  19. do the apes take over the planet...LOL... I like the world you created

  20. Very philosophical and very well thought out Sherry! Would love the goodness be bestowed down to earthlings instead of still hovering in the sky!


  21. So beautiful...
    Loved those lines
    "The trees breathe out, the humans breathe in"


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