Monday, July 26, 2021

On Gardens

My garden taught me
how to nurture things
and watch them grow,
how roots need soft, loose soil
as, inch by inch, I carefully tend
all the seeds I sow.

With Mother Earth's garden,
we have been less than kind.
Now from our disconnected dream,
(and all our barren spirits lack),
we're waking up to find
a nightmare of floods and fire,
too late, too late
to repair the harm
and get our garden back.

for Sarah at earthweal, where we are contemplating LAMMAS, the harvesting of grain and making it into bread. We have not tended Mother Earth's garden well, and are harvesting some painful consequences. Out of this, I do still hope humanity will rise to what is required of us. 


  1. Amen -- Happy we can still celebrate cultivation, sad its done so on such bitter earth. - B

  2. too late... is such a scary truth... the rising sealevels and what that implies as we keep refusing to deal with climate change, is terrifying.

  3. I hope that's not true Sherry. But we are quickly running out of time...

  4. Terrifying stuff, Sherry,delivered so gently.

  5. I feel the raw tragedy of your words Sherry. We set out with such good intentions and then, it seems, we lose our way.


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