Saturday, July 31, 2021

How My Garden Grows


Roots by Frida Kahlo

If I set a fine table
and offer you
all the bounty of my garden,
will you till the soil,
let it rest,
then restore it to health
for the years to come?

When did we forget
this earth is a garden,
and what we take out,
we need to put back?
Gardens are forever,
yet we live
in a frenzied Now
on a planet
lit by flames
and flooded with despair.

I laid the table well
for you,
but you forgot to care.

for the Sunday Muse. I seem to have a one track mind these days as, where I live, Mother Earth is burning up (along with all the wild creatures), yet crazed people are roaring about on holidays as if there is no tomorrow. At this rate, I worry that there might not be. Sorry to be Debbie Downer, but these are the words that came, I just wrote them down. 


  1. This may hold great sadness, but it is full of truth, and I wish that people would listen. This is a powerful poem Sherry. A poem worthy of being read by many. You are not a Debbie Downer, you are a "Sherry Inspirer"!

  2. The truth you share IS somber, Sherry, but it needs to be said, and you say it so well.

  3. The frenzied NOW rules more of us, and to a greater degree, than ever before, I think.

  4. Yes, that captures where we are so well.

  5. OMG this is fantastic. Happy Sunday


  6. You speak for legions .. eloquently.

  7. A vivid reminder that to grow well requires tending and a lack of care isn't a sign of freedom but selfishness.

  8. How loud does the wake up call have to be for people to hear? They should listen to this.

  9. Sherry, you speak well for Mother Earth. I feel her disappointment. Your last stanza got to me :(

  10. Oh, how we've failed Mother Earth. I try to grow and tend all the green space I'm given.

  11. I had been thinking also of the earth burning to ashes. Seems to be worse every year, I believe it is headed for a surprise ending of Global Warming, i.e. Climate change. With the colder winters, all life ability may cease before the total burning comes about.

  12. Wow, that is smack-in-the-face Sherry. So strong, deeply felt, and well written truth. We should bd returning two-fold to the garden — but we are fools, fools who should suffer for our ignorance and arrogance. I am embarrassed by what I wrote tin response to this prompt. Just didn’t get sparked.

  13. This is wonderful, Sherry. Makes you sit up and take notice (I hope).


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