Tuesday, October 13, 2020

You, the Seeker, My Lamp, the Moon


Little hummer,
irridescent rainbow in constant flight,
you whirred into the room at dusk,
thinking my lamp was the moon.
I swiftly clicked off the light,
to guide you to the window
where you beat frantically for a moment,
till you crouched in its corner,
terrified of the giant
whose hands were slowly lowering
to cup you gently.

You stilled, as I carried
your feathered lightness outside
and, when I opened my palms to set you free,
lay for a moment on your back,
surrendered to your fate.
Suddenly recognizing you had survived,
could once more see the sky,
in that same instant,
you were halfway 'cross the meadow.

Just so, do our hearts encounter
their similar terrors,
bring them down to size,
recognize the open door of freedom,
and, each in turn, take flight.

One from 2015. Just because. And shared with the open link at earthweal.


  1. This is just beautiful, Sherry!! Made my heart sing.

  2. Revisiting this again..once again touched by it!!

  3. AH! Your empathy sings through this poem, Sherry. :-)

  4. This is such a tender and delicate portrait: it is stunning, such a powerful description of the little bird overwhelmed by terror then set free!

  5. Such a beautiful little hummer, Sherry. How lovely to have him as a visitor. I love the idea that he thought your lamp was the moon.

  6. Beautiful one Sherry. Hope all is well.

  7. This is a perfect psalm for a shared Earth.

  8. This is beautuful. I love your last stanza.


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