Monday, October 12, 2020

On Psychopaths and Energetic Shifts


photo by Deborah Steel

This road we are on
is at a crossroads:
it is time, my friends, to rip off
our polite masks of denial,
complacency, disguise
or inauthenticity,
time to step fully into our real selves.

Now is the time to open our hearts:
to each other, to Mother Earth,
and to all her non-human creatures.

Now is the time, if ever we will,
to learn how to live on this earth
with each other and All Our Relations.

I feel a karmic, energetic shift
happening across the land
as we, the vast majority, resist
and reject the hateful, divisive rhetoric
in which we have been stewing
for four years.

Everything is one, so when we put
good energy out there, it has an effect.
We are watching a sick regime toppling.
Its centre cannot hold,
for it is built on shifting sands
of lies, greed and self-serving loyalties
that will vanish in the bitter wind
of a new, true dawn.
Humankind is Moving On.

This morning Kim Jong Un showed himself
a better man than trump, shedding tears
as he apologized for faults in his leadership.
Beside a red communist leader,
the orange man looks like
the buffoon he is. The word Sorry 
will never cross his lips,
even for over 200,000 deaths
on his watch. Self-love means
never having to say he's sorry.

This road we are on
is the heart opening.

It is truth drowning out
all the toxic rhetoric.
It is a woman of strength and grace,
with no need of  a mask,
as authentic as they come,
in dignity, saying "I am Speaking."

This road we are on
is the dawn of a new day we have been 
awaiting for four long years,
when the pendulum will turn,
and reasoned words and inclusive speech
will return to the airwaves once again.

We live in hope. For earthweal, where Brendan has us contemplating Masks.


  1. I hope you are right Sherry. It is time.

  2. I hope your prediction comes true, Sherry. I love the lines: 'we, the vast majority, resist
    and reject the hateful, divisive rhetoric
    in which we have been stewing
    for four years.'
    It's nice to remember that the haters are not the majority. Reminds me of Atticus' advice to Scout at the end of To Kill a Mockingbird: 'Most people are [real nice] when you finally see them.'

  3. I hope you're right too! Sick of the politics of hate which has been dividing everyone everywhere.

  4. The mask as disguise - maybe liberating for the person wearing it, maybe not. Are we more free without masks? There are new nuances to the idea of masks, as well. Your connection with the greater world shines through, as ever.

  5. I hope you are right, but I suspect orange man is just symptoms getting sicker. We're going to have to get fierce with our masks.

  6. I agree with what you say in your poem except I would say we have been waiting much longer than four years. Four years for a change of leadership in the US but a really, really long time for a change in the collective consciousness. I think the time is ripe for that and that it beginning in many people. Your poem hints at that and I enjoyed the way you expressed it. Suzanne of Mapping Uncertainty

  7. That is it exactly. We need a change in the collective consciousness and have for a long time. Maybe the awfulness of recent years is helping that shift begin to happen.


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