Thursday, May 23, 2019


I met a white wolf-dog
with blue eyes
at the beach today.
He let me pat him and tell him
how beautiful he is.

He took a cookie
gently from me.
"He has a kind heart,"
his person said,
and, yes, I could see
that he had a kind heart,
as do all animals
who have not been abused
and made fearful
by humans.

What a gift it is
when an animal gives you
his heart,
his trust,
his paw.

We should never
take it for granted.

I met a white wolf-dog
with blue eyes
on the beach today.
He took a little of my heart
with him
when he walked away.

One from 2018 today, shared with the Tuesday Platform at Real Toads, because I am missing a white wolf friend in Port Alberni.


  1. I met a Bernese mountain dog just a couple of days ago while on a walk. He had one blue eye and one brown. He was excited to meet me and every time we passed each other he would bark and pull at his leash so I could pet him. His owner would laugh and say, now he knows you, you have a friend for life. Your poem made me think about what a good feeling that brings.

  2. I can't help but make friends with dogs when I go out too. They're just so darn pettable!

  3. Aww, I like this! So true that animals all have a big heart, unless they have been conditioned otherwise.

  4. I'm all the way in England and already, I'm in love!! I love the last stanza of your write, Sherry!

  5. Humans don't deserve the rest of life's creatures...dogs especially.

  6. Lovely poem, Sherry. I am glad that you are writing about white wolf dogs now. This one tells of the true love they have for its owner and his harmless friends. I know of how much you loved your Wolf, and miss him so terribly much.

  7. Oh Sherry this is so very lovely! The longing is palpable here. ❤️

  8. I love the message dancing between the lines, for I believe kindness spreads (and grows, too) when we share it.

  9. we are so vulnerable when something or someone takes a piece of our heart...bkm


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