Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Everything Is One

In the Old Ways, men and animals
spoke together,
lived connected and interdependent,
according to the teaching:
Everything Is One.

It is true,
what happens to one,
happens to us all.
Witness: floods, forest fires,
melting icebergs, warming seas,
species dying,
Mother Earth crying out
her distress.

Once, we lived
rooted like trees,
holding hands across the forest floor.

Now, the forests are falling;
the sky grows ever hotter.
People and wildlife
are on the move.
Cougars are falling from trees,
bears hiding their eyes
from the destruction 
of their world.

We are learning the hard way:
Everything Is One.
What happens to one,
will happen to us all.

I could write of its wonders, for there are millions. But its main teaching is the interconnectedness of all things, which certain people in power, in the US AND Canada, would do well to understand.


  1. Yes. We all are one. What one does affects us all. We used to know this

  2. Sadly it is hard to combat the power of money and the blindness to the result of our actions. Global warming is obvious to a few but miners, industrialists and governments can only see the profit now not the future.

  3. All the small islands and atolls in the South Pacific will become uninhabitable soon with rising sea levels. No one has addressed the problem of where all these populations will live.

  4. Don't know if we are learning fast enough.. what we do in the next 5-10 years will determine our future.

  5. "Everything Is One." A few, very few know this; understand this. Thus tragedy is unavoidable.

  6. So true Sherry, everything is one. Yet some refuse to see that all things interconnect and we should all make an effort to conserve. Perhaps, they hope for another life in Mars!

  7. Immaculate....A significant lesson for everyone. So, let's all learn to conserve...beautiful poem, Sherry.

  8. The things we would be able to accomplished if we could understand that the eyes we are looking into are our eyes looking back. I will never understand how people don't see that hurting anything means hurting themselves. Maybe one day...

    ...the old days will be now again.

  9. Poignant words Sherry



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