Wednesday, May 15, 2019

The Best Picnic Ever

My grandkids and their friend ~ 
Happy days at the beach when they were young

“Life’s no picnic!”
I heard all through my childhood.
“What do you want? Jam on it?”
(asked with a smile and laughing eyes).

The older generation,
born of the Depression,
tried to keep our expectations low.

Imagine my surprise
when life turned out
to be the best picnic ever,
full of apple orchards,
waterfalls and rivers,
green leafy paths 
that I walked down,
head tipped back
and grinning at the sky.

All I have ever needed
was a packed lunch,
a camera, and a winding trail.
No bee stings on my picnics,
no ants or sand in the sandwiches.
Dogs. Hopefully always dogs.
Children digging in the sand
with Tomorrow in their eyes.
A picnic that snuck into Real Life
and stole my heart away.


  1. Every line is a gem. Love the sparkling words, very specially: 'Children digging in the sand / with Tomorrow in their eyes.' May you enjoy the paradise hours to your fill.

  2. Sherry, most of us, can only wish to have life, like this.

  3. we have to make our own picnics...enjoy every moment of it...bkm

  4. This struck a chord with me, Sherry. Summer brings the best of everything! Love, Amy

  5. We should be grateful we have such memories as this especially of the children growing up and becoming the adults we wanted them to be. A wonderful poem Sherry.

  6. I remember those sayings, Sherry. I love the thoughts of apple orchards,
    waterfalls, rivers and green leafy paths, and I’ve often walked with my ‘head tipped back and grinning at the sky’. Thank goodness for picnics that sneak into real life and steal hearts away!

  7. Hopefully always dogs...I love that. I miss having my dogs.

  8. Picnics will do that!! We get busy with "real life," and forget how fun picnics can be...let's go on a picnic. I think even a couple of pb&j sandwiches, in the park, there is always someone who will take a sandwich.

  9. With a landscape as vast and varied such as this, it is hard not to join the gang for a picnic, Sherry.
    I think all of us can agree that picnics are immense fun! Lovely poem..

  10. “Children digging in the sand
    with Tomorrow in their eyes.
    A picnic that snuck into Real Life”

    Just beautiful,Sherry.

  11. Nice - I value this positive piece.

  12. Dear Sherry,
    your poem is just perfect. Life is indeed a picnic with all the goodies nature places along our pathways of living. Ours to use, if we observe it all.
    I remember many of my elderly relatives, telling me that to have butter on bread AND jam, was to be or the other!!!
    Love your reflection of life's values Sherry:)


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