Thursday, May 2, 2019

A Morning Graced by Doves

This morning
two mourning doves lit
on my porch railing,
where my tulips are shyly
poking up their heads,
enchanting me, 
my small and makeshift garden,
that I check first thing
when I get out of bed.

The dove's soft cries
have followed me 
through the decades,
taking me back to long-gone days
with my lost love.
With all the gains and losses,
I count my blessings,
to still wake to mornings
that are graced by doves.

I have used the closing lines in an earlier poem in 2016. Borrowed it for this morning's ordinary moment, for my prompt at Real Toads: 

to describe this moment, the joys and comforts we so often take for granted. At my age, I take NOTHING for granted, as each day, at my age, is pure gift. Especially here, in my heart's home. Come share your ordinary joys with us at Toads. You had yesterday to rest up after April, LOL.


  1. Beautiful, Sherry, beautiful!!

  2. Loving this, Sherry. This morning a grey bird, about 11 inches high and slim, was standing on our back porch "picnic table" surveying our back yard. We have doves living here but this was different, I call it a teal but I will research later.

    1. BTW, I also am enjoying a final few years. Thinking that I am several years older than you.

  3. Love this. Gardens are so special, even tbose in a balcony. A morning graced by doves...peaceful.

  4. What a lovely little garden and beautiful birdsong to greet you.

  5. Such a sweet peaceful morning to wake up. A blessed day indeed.

  6. I know many find doves a nuisance, but I love their morning coo and I think they are elegant looking here at woodland's edge.

  7. The repetition of morning/mourning creates a pensive sound, Sherry, and I can imagine you leaning against the railing, humming gently as you survey the garden. I like the way you slip back in time in the second stanza.

  8. I love your little garden - what is spring without a special selection of bulbs bringing a splash of colour and birds just make a morning.

  9. Your little patio garden is beautiful Sherry! And your poem is the perfect compliment!

  10. Every day that we awake is a wonderful day. Thank you for the reminder Sherry! :-)

  11. I like your mini garden.A few plants can provide colour and a little happiness.

  12. The grace of nature is always a gift~ I love the joy you shared with this poem!

    "Doves are sacred to Aphrodite and a slew of other love goddesses around the world. Doves are a Heart Chakra spirit guide and they come around to ease your heart with their soft cooing. ... Doves support your inner peace and are commonly known as symbols of peace."

  13. Sherry, this is lovely, the tulips and doves sparking gratitude.

  14. Love a morning like this.. though sometimes the doves might be a little bit too early for me.


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