Wednesday, October 3, 2018

The Slap of a Beaver's Tail, at Morning

To steady your steps
in this turbulent world,
enter the marsh
at the edge of the pond.
Listen to the thrush
sweetly singing her morning song.
The slap of the beaver’s tail
sends ripples across the water.
Your dog smiles.
There is only this moment,
right now,
breathing in,
breathing out,
your heart like a reaching root
warmed by the sun.

Perhaps you woke this morning,
as I did,
with the words of your dream
still speaking:
“The planet is burning,
and our leaders don’t care.”

We do all we can:
make the calls, sign the petitions,
make wise consumer
and life choices,
plant trees, help our neighbours.
Pray. March. Vote.

The reeds lining the pond
thank us for our good hearts;
the sun bathes the trees
in golden light, gifting us
with another day
of trying.

Enter the marsh
at the edge of the pond.
Listen to the thrush
blessing us
with her morning song.
Our hearts like reaching roots,
warmed by the sun.

for Susan's prompt at Midweek Motif: Balance. Hard to find if one listens to the news. I did wake up this morning with those words from my dream. Sigh. I guess the rich crocodiles figure they can pay to protect themselves from whatever disasters come. Won't they be surprised!


  1. Wonderful. I love the idea of our hearts like reaching roots, warmed by the sun.

    Felt the inner balance of the moment from this piece

  2. "Our hearts like reaching roots,
    warmed by the sun." This line is so precious and right.
    Thanks for the harmony in your poem even though we seem here on Planet Eart tobe losing our balance

    Happy you dropped by my blog today Sherry

    much love...

  3. Yes, that line: "your heart like a reaching root . . . " and the balance of this poem itself which is rounded by entering the marsh. Lovely.

  4. Sherry, I love the serenity that this poem evokes within my soul. A place of peace and calmness, amidst a world of chaos and destruction. Thank you, for this huge gift, today.

  5. Every word of yours is breathing harmony. "your heart like a reaching root / warmed by the sun."...Words so full of light. This poem is a sunrise for me. So much peace and beauty. Thank you, dear friend.

  6. Nature is our safe haven from this turbulent world, Sherry. I prefer ponds, a thrushes, cats and dogs to life among crowds of busy people who have 'no time to stop and stare'.
    Yes, we must do all we can, 'Our hearts like reaching roots, /warmed by the sun'!

  7. So true, we only find that point of balance, that centre of our being when we commune with nature.

  8. Who can see the trees, or the wolves, or hear the birdsong and the rush of the tide whilst there is a bank statement to read?

  9. Your poem is precious. It gives me hope, even though things seem pretty hopeless in the political world right now. Thank god for marshes, birdsong--and dogs!

  10. A thoughtful poem..and the culminating stanza is The Ultimate:)

  11. I love the idea of our hearts like reaching roots. they need that sun.
    In the Vet's office, an aide was saying they should let dogs vote. How could it be worse?


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