Thursday, October 11, 2018


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After years of keeping
the wolf from the door,
I let him in.
Oh! He was wild!
He wilded me along the shore;
I'd be untamed

Through Wild Thing's door,
we loped along,
cavorted 'cross the forest floor,
howled under the moon
our song.
I wasn’t lonely any more.

He led me such
a merry chase.
Toothy grin
and wolfish face,
feet and paws
never apart,
he claimed each corner
of my heart.

In time our steps slowed
to a hobble.
I knew that soon
I'd be bereft.
His paws still padding soft
beside me,
I grieved his loss
before he left.

I've mourned his leaving
all the years
from the day
this wolf tale ends.
In dreams, he asks,
"why are you grieving?"
I say, "I've lost my dearest friend."
He smiles his toothy smile at me,
reminding me,
"Love never ends."

for my prompt at Real Toads: Un-Fairy Tales  and shared with the Poetry Pantry at Poets United.

When I look back at those years, he and I truly did live a fairy tale. Those years are golden in memory. I have been given many gifts, this lifetime.


  1. oh, so heartbreakingly true - the wise words of the wolf ... and how poignantly you've shared the story of "Pup" ... he is gone, but not forgotten, and never far, for his is in your heart, dear friend.

    most beautiful poem my friend

  2. immense enjoyment profound love between two beings in eternal spiritual bondage ...and of course the superb dream world

  3. Aww gosh this is such a heartfelt write, Sherry!💞

  4. Oh, this is so lovely, Sherry. You have so very well utilized this prompt to create two distinct verses with some wonderful craftsmanship. I love how the tale is in the semblance of the traditional storytelling, with its evoked emotions and gentle rhythm.

  5. Love never ends. No it doesn't. You had one of the best loves of your life and it is still with you. Pup knows.

  6. I can feel your deep love for your kindred friend. He is never gone Sherry, just transformed. Waiting on the bridge between here and there...he is always watching...

  7. sweet Pup. I'm dog sitting Quoro this weekend. Dang, he's a good boy. ~

  8. No it doesn't Sherry, you carry Pup with you everywhere you go, safe in your heart.

  9. I grieved his loss
    before he left.

    This I know too well. I love everything about this tale, especially the picture you chose.

  10. Yessssss. I am much more comfortable with the wolves and the dragons than I am in the castle. I adore this, Sherry. And the ending is so tender. They take a piece of our hearts with them.

  11. I love the letting the wild in, and though there is a sad end, the memory is there.... always

  12. Heartbreakingly beautiful. Now I will have to avoid people in case they ask me "Why are you crying?"

  13. So true....the love never ends!! Pup will be with you forever and longer than that!

  14. Such a reminder, such love! This poem is the best of the genre, I think. I love the "Wild Things" door.

  15. such a lyrical presentation of a loving memory...

  16. Beautiful heartfelt words Sherry.
    Pup lives on in your memory giving truth to his knowing grin that love never ends.
    Anna :o]

  17. I love the wolfish face and toothy grin - my little Jasper could look like that, even though he as a Jack Russell. I miss him too.

  18. That's where the poetry comes in, to keep memory safe and cherished. I'll bet you could recite this almost verbatim. As I read this, the stray cat I've fed for 17 years has not come round for the third feeding; an absence perhaps understandable and temporary but your wolf's slowing gait is at my empty back door this morning. Thanks.

  19. A fairy tale come true. Magic happens.

  20. Oh you write the sweetest dearest odes to you pet in Pet Heaven

    Happy Sunday Sherry

    much love...

  21. This is beautiful...and I'm slightly teary and hugging my floofs. This is a new favorite of mine. :)

  22. I can feel the love and longing in every word. And the joy and knowing in the closing--he is a wise one, your (now spirit) wolf... love is a forever thing.

  23. Isn't that funny how you can try so hard to keep something away, thinking it's unsafe ... but then in the end, it's what heals you?

  24. Oh god . This made me cry. I can't imagine losing my dog.. :'(

  25. This is magical - from the enchanted opening line, that rises from the page with a chuckle … to that wonderful spell-of-love close. Lovely, Sherry.

  26. it is true, "Love never ends".
    to have such a companion and friend is already a gift.

  27. Such a lovely tribute to your wolf friend. And when I see the picture of your wonderful old Golden, I know it’s about her too.

  28. So perfectly written! It has a mythic quality, is both personal and universal – and yes, culminates in true wisdom.

  29. This had an easy, unhurried pace, much like the travels you mentioned slowing before the inevitable... poignant and heartfelt words here.


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