Wednesday, February 14, 2018


Kennedy Lake

I am driving home through the mountains,
and I'm writing this poem to you,
Mother Earth,
because you dazzle me.
This morning,
you have your best
blue sky and sunshine on.

Snowy peaks glisten
at the summit,
gauzy clouds wrapping
the slopes' shoulders
like prayer shawls.

Tall trees are draped 
in winter snow jackets,
and  lake and  sky
change places,
the water is so clear.

Around every corner,
vista after beautiful vista
leaves me breathless,
and the only word I have for you,
again and again, is

I drove through the mountains heading home this morning, and didnt have my camera with me. If I had, I would have stopped twenty times, the beauty was that breathtaking. The scenery is always spectacular, along that highway, though the road itself is a bit worrisome. But this morning, Mother Nature exceeded herself. She pulled out all the stops.  I wrote this poem in my mind as I traveled. I am now back at my desk, and have a lot of catching up to do. It is a glorious sunny day and I am ecstatic to be here, on the West Coast, on Planet Earth, in early spring.

for Sumana's prompt at Midweek Motif: Word.


  1. Yes, you are living in a most beautifully area of the world, and I am sad I never visited the west coast of Canada.

  2. It was all for you Sherry. Now she's going to dump snow on the pass. lol

  3. Your joy and exuberance come through loud and clear in that one word!

  4. 'Snowy peaks glisten
    at the summit,
    gauzy clouds wrapping
    the slopes' shoulders
    like prayer shawls.'

    Gorgeous imagery, Sherry. Sounds like a perfect day. Love the photo!

  5. love the image of prayer shawl clouds...

  6. My word is for this poem is "Yahooooo". I loved this exuberant love letter to our Mother.

  7. My only wish is that I had been riding shotgun, I would have had my camera and we'd have such gorgeous memories to share.


  8. Ooowhooo...That last word is throbbing with life!! Grand!

  9. Great journey with stunning images.

  10. Wooohooo indeed. You described nature so beautifully. What route were you on? Please describe for a tourist from the UK (me!)

    1. I live on the wild west coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia. I was traveling Highway 4 which crosses the Island about mid-point, then winds up and around and through the mountains to the coast. Road is narrow and twisty. But what scenery!

  11. I love your poem. I know the feeling of being mesmerized by nature's beauty. In a way it's good you didn't have your camera. All you could do was focus yourself on the treat. Glad you're home safe.

  12. Some of my best poems came to me while driving. I kept a little hand-held recorder by my side to record them. I always considered driving alone "think tank time"! Your words transport me!

  13. I can see it all through your words! A beauty, Sherry!

  14. Coincidentally I wrote about driving as well. We are blessed to live in such beautiful places.

  15. Ha! Sometimes that is the only word that will do, Sherry! Wow, indeed!


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