Wednesday, February 7, 2018


My first word was "oosh" for "shoe".
The shoes kept growing bigger
as I walked a million miles
through childhood summers,
through evenings looking in windows,
in the city,
dreaming of the home
I would one day have,
and then
through long autumn afternoons
pushing a baby carriage,
wearing out tires and footwear.

I walked my way from city to country,
from desert to seaside,
and back again.

I am still walking, my shoes now
an old woman's sturdy black
with orthotics,
that carry me up and down the shore,

for Susan's prompt at Midweek Motif: Shoes


  1. Nice write Sherry oosh is cute. Thanks for sharing

    Much love...

  2. Yummmm, this journey in shoes is worthy of a poem! The long chain of finding other shoes when the roles wear thin! Good, good!

  3. A thousand miles....a million memories - all from shoes😊

  4. I like the image of you walking through childhood summers, your shoes growing as you walk, Sherry.

  5. In life we wear many shoes, each one unique in the journey.

  6. Such vital pieces of equipment! I am glad for the "rejoicing"!

  7. This piece took me back too to those days when we walked everywhere right up to time I got married I still didn't get a car until our first house was miles from the town where we both worked. Isn't it stange how other peoples memories give you flash backs of your own? I really loved this for that reason.

  8. Rejoicing moments are what it is all about. Lovely poem, Sherry.

  9. Life's journeys... so eloquently put!

  10. After so much strenuous walking, how nice that now there is rejoicing even if in orthopedic shoes. I'm happy for you.

  11. Did you look through city windows at night? So did I! I imagined what was going on behind the glass. And, oh, some of the things I imagined! :)

  12. The shoes we wore reflected our circumstances that improved gradually with time.


  13. The poem has such a cute beginning that it stays with the reader till 'rejoicing'. And there's the Journey of course in between. A feel good poem this is dear friend.

  14. Walking is inspirational without a mobile phone and headphones (of course)

  15. I love your words Sherry, of how your shoes grew with you, in your journey of life.
    Anna :o]

  16. We've just walked with you for awhile, sharing your stories, kindling our own memories .... and how amazing this journey .... rejoice! rejoice! yes .... a life full and well worn (the shoes and your experiences - as in, you wear it all well)

  17. Wonderful images of that walk of life, Sherry, each age with shoes that allow you to do what the age dictates. May you go on walking for a long time yet and wear away many more pairs of shoes...


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