Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Once In Autumn

“Choose the least important day in your life. 
It will be important enough.” 

Once in autumn.....
Nekiah hand-stitched every leaf,
with unerring eye,
making Tree Spirit costumes
for you and your friend,
Isaac Blue Sky.

We didn't know, 
back then,
just how precious
were those fleeting days
of grace,
how quickly life
was flying by,
too fast the pace.

First, you grew.
Too soon,
before I was ready,
before you were, too,
you were out of the nest
and away;
for your heartbreaks
my heart, too, would pay,
you, so young and heedless 
and rash,
my hair slowly turning
the color of 
silvery ash.

Too soon,
Nekiah was gone.
It was cancer.
Isaac Blue Sky's life 
was forever

Those innocent faces 
up there,
those round trusting eyes
that enraptured,
those smiles that had 
not yet known pain........
remind me that once,
once in autumn,
we all lived precious days
that will not,
              will not ever
                            come again.

for Sumana's prompt at Midweek Motif: Autumn. I re-worked an old poem from 2010, for this prompt, as autumn always reminds me of those fleeting, precious days. Ouch. A pang in my heart.


  1. It's sad to see someine gone, but may be that's life to cherish their memories

  2. Such poignancy in this poem! Yet in the act of remembering there is healing, so may the remembering go on and on and on.

  3. This is a dear and solemn yet a sweet poem altogether. I felt a tug on my heart while reading it. Happy Wednesday Sherry.

  4. Such, beautiful tree spirits and I know they still whisper to you in a gentle autumn breeze.

    It seems to be that kind of day!

  5. I am a waterfall, it is good, part of the earth need the water, the rain. Such a beautiful poem, introduced by my favorite quote in all of theatre history. Because it is true, so true. You are blessed to have that moment, those moments, that heart and that heartbreak.

  6. A sweet writing for sure! We don't really realize, that the childhood is gone, until they die. And then it seems all is lost, but slowly gratitude takes it place. Beautiful children! Wonderful words!

  7. Oh Sherry!That's a profoundly touching piece....Very beautifully penned.
    Please be comforted by the wonderful memories that live on your mind and heart.

  8. Deeply affecting piece, Sherry. Autumn, perhaps encourages us to revisit these experiences in order to heal, and be grateful for those precious moments once shared with loved ones.

  9. Tears are running over my face so beautifully softly expressed those memories and how smart and wonderful these tree spirits look Such works of love

  10. Wish I had not worn eye liner today. This is so moving and beautiful Sherry. I hope that the wonderful memories do give you comfort. Thank you for sharing this with us!! <3

  11. Thanks, Sherry. Sharing this gives a glimpse into the wonderful person you are.

  12. A lovely elegy that fits with autumn so well and also serves as a metaphor for the season. Beautifully done, Sherry.

  13. Wonderful metaphor so well with the soulful mood of the poem.

  14. What would we humans do without memories?
    I recently read a children's book
    'I Was A Sixth Grade Alien (Sixth Grade Alien #1) by Bruce Coville
    Here the aliens had the ability to recapture and relive past events.

    much love...

  15. A lovely tribute, Sherry. A melancholy yet very sweet remembrance of happy days of the past.


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