Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Boat Trip Through Clayoquot Sound

Yesterday, my friend Chris invited me along on a trip to 
her floathouse, a short boat-ride from Tofino.
This is the harbour, before we set out.

Lone Cone, wearing a cloud like a toque.
The small native village of Opitsaht
can be seen along the shore.

We were briefly in the pathway of a floatplane,
trying to take off. Oops!

The Tofino shoreline as we sped away.

A cute off the grid cabin

Beauty, beauty, beauty.....

Lone Cone from another perspective

A heron on the mudflats

The trees look so alive, and fully themselves,
when they are safe from human interference.

Many choose to live off the grid

The Camel

An oyster  farm


Such a peaceful little home this is.

Chris's greenhouse.

Heading home past the hazy mountains.
A wonderful day!


  1. Ooooo ...Lucky ducky ! The float house looks fabulous.Living on the water is the ultimate. I so pleased you achieved your dream. Someone up there likes you:)

  2. Wonderful photos of a beautiful place and day,


  3. Your photos reveal a wonderful spot on this earth! I am so happy for you! At last you are home!


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