Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Darkness and Light

In such global darkness,
we have to trust that
there will still
be light

that the sun will come out
after rain

the moon and stars
will follow day

that peace will reign again
one day.

There is 
no other way to live

than with hope and faith
and trust.

We continue to believe
we must.

for Susan's prompt at Midweek Motif: Dark Moon / New Moon


  1. Hi Sherry, There is more peace and good in the world than strife. Trust to it.

  2. Good rhyming trust and must. I like the starkness of your poem, the way it opens the imperative.

  3. Sherry, I so much like and agree with this poem. We must live on, believe though it's so hard to do.

  4. Because we must! There is no other choice than to hope, really.

  5. I love the poem. And i believe that we must indeed maintain trust even in such difficult times, because the other way lies despair – and that is an energy which would drag us all down even further.

  6. Thank God that the new moon phase will pass and the sun will come but in the meanwhile, we need that hope, faith and trust. "There is
    no other way to live"....

  7. Love this. Hope and faith are indeed We received some light tonight in NZ A new government with the labour party: Time for equality Yeah You see good things do happen :)

  8. Yes, Sherry there are no alternatives to hope.

  9. We continue to believe
    because we must

    It has to be a double emphasis given the troubled world we're having! Very much so Sherry!


  10. Oh yes... for where would we be without hope.. sigh.. Beautifully penned!❤️

  11. Positive poem.
    Amen! May it be true!
    Happy Diwali!

  12. We all have hope, and somethings always answer our hope, like the moon and sun.

  13. Yes, we continue to believe because we must. So many of the poems on this theme are written with this same message. We MUST have faith, must believe!!

  14. this is a positive poem and I like it!

  15. Indeed, Sherry! No matter how dark the night we must always trust that light will soon dawn and even on moonless nights, we must believe that the moon will wax again the following night. So it is with our current world situation. Well penned!


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