Monday, October 31, 2016


Pass me the stir-spoon, Sister, quick!
This stew's getting a little thick.
Push down the devil's claw. Mix in some thyme.
The brew must be ready by dinner-time.

A pinch of this and a pinch of that,
and dont forget to spell the Cat.
Owl sits in the corner with beady eye.
Toss him a mouse as you go by.

While it is brewing we'll sip on some gin,
and call the witches-in-training in.
Thrice 'round the cauldron, add some eye of newt,
and mind how you circle, or you'll tread on my boot.

Toss in two warty toads and the leg of a frog.
Let's fly round the meadow, skinny-dip in the bog,
count all our warts, multiply by two,
and I will teach a new spell to you.

To draw love, catnip, valerian for sleep.
Drop a marigold bloom in your tea; let it steep.
Calamus root and the knuckle of a frog.
We'll sing in the kitchen and dance with the dog.

Snakes go hiss and flames they crackle.
Potions bubble and pop to the witches' cackle.
Bats are singing love songs as they swoop and zoom.
They're chasing shrieking witches right out of the room.

Come out, my pretties, to the meadow in the hollow.
Skinny witches first, and the fat ones follow.
We will chant incantations,
swoop around on our brooms,
and watch that black cloud cover the moon.

                                           ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~

One from 2012, my friends, just for fun, first written for a challenge at Real Toads, to wish you a wonderfully witchy day, however you may spend it. And check out Poets United - there are more shenanigans going on over there!


  1. Skinny witches first, and the fat ones follow.

    Such fun, Sherry!

  2. I so love the chants and incantations ~ Bring it on sister ~ Happy Halloween ~

  3. Great play of imagination

    Happy Halloween

  4. Gives an eerie feel but great use of imagination as Martin said. Wonder how the stew turned out to be. Perfect for Halloween obviously! Brilliant take Sherry!


  5. Ha. Charming and great sound! Thanks. Happy Halloween! K.


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