Saturday, October 22, 2016


They say the dead are among us,
we just can't see them.
On Samhain,
when the veils between the worlds
are thin,
are your paws padding softly beside me,
as they for so long did?

I keep waiting,
for the weight of your snout
on the side of my bed,
but it does not come.
Perhaps just a hint
of a cold breeze on my cheek,
an ache, some tears,
a sigh.

Where have you gone,
my big, noisy boy,
when I can no longer feel you,
other than a missing
that goes on forever,
in my heart?

Shared with the Poetry Pantry at Poets United.


  1. This is very sad, Sherry!! I can feel how much you continue to miss him.

  2. Yes to all three of the above comments!

  3. I think he still walks beside you... a wonderful poem.

  4. Oh that is so touching... love..when the veils between the worlds
    are thin... wonder about that...

  5. There is nothing quite like having a canine friend that you have loved and they have loved you to vouch for you in times to come.

  6. Oh this is so deeply touching Sherry.. I can imagine how much you him him!

  7. He is still there.. i do so hope..maybe he walks on softer feet now but stronger in your heart xo

  8. yes - I still miss my old temple dog. Peace to you.

  9. I feel these "call outs"coming from a heart full of love, a body with absences where a friend had been near. I am certain that it wouldn't feel so raw and close without his invisible presence.

  10. Aww he's still there very much with you in your thoughts, words, and heart ... lovely tribute to your best friend.

  11. Sherry, he is waiting and will be with you when you need him most. Just look for the signs.

  12. An awesome ode to a pet well loved

    have a good Sunday Sherry

    much love...

  13. There really is no end to this does go on forever...I miss him too.

  14. This is so sad and beautiful all at once, Sherry. And perfectly written.

  15. Sherry, how well I know your pain. I keep expecting to see Daisy sleeping peacefully in her little bed. But, it's empty now. You express the feeling perfectly.

  16. So full of love and so tenderly rendered. A beautiful piece, Sherry.

  17. Ah so sad. The companionship of a beloved dog so hard to lose. Thanks for sweet share, Sherry. k.

  18. Feelings could not meet with the yearnings of missing the touch of the paws! Very touching Sherry!


  19. Ah, I felt scared at the thought of a wolf or dog appearing at my bedside, but I see for you it would be a magical gift.

  20. a very moving tribute.
    but yes, i would like to think that he's still beside you, protecting you.

  21. This brought tears, Sherry--so heartfelt and real, and some sorrows stay with us, no matter how long the time, as do the ghosts of those of those who have truly loved us.

  22. Moving and sad. I am sorry, I understand your pain.

  23. I am ever so sorry for your loss. What a beautiful tribute. Thanks.

    Greetings from London.

  24. I've found myself padding that empty space next to me and wondering...

    I bet both our furry boys are right there, next to us... in spirit.


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