Monday, October 3, 2016

Tree Talk

source: BBC

Trees have so much to teach us 
about family and community.
They suckle their young,
know their child from another,
send messages and alarms of threats
across the forest floor
through an underground network,
to warn, not just family members,
but their neighbours 
and community.

The lungs of the planet,
they breathe out.
We breathe in,
a symbiosis we rarely remember
to thank them for.
They watch us, listening, 
beaming their presence
waiting for us
to truly see them.

Place your hand on 
a nearby friendly trunk.
Try to hear
what she is saying to you.
Breathe in peace.
Remember to say "Thank you"


  1. This is truly marvelous, Sherry. I found the idea of the network just amazing.

  2. Air, food, shelter and as above so below.

  3. Worthy hon honorable creatures and poem!

  4. Beautiful ad so true.
    You've been to Trinity County.

  5. I love this so much... the way your poem reminds us of the power and greatness of trees, of how much we need each other, of how without them we can't survive.

    We would be so much better if we could learn from every root.

  6. I will always remember the thank you. The way you tell the story, they are much like God. Thank you.

  7. When you write Sherry your words make such sense and show us that our world is one huge living organism that we are just a tiny part. We all rely on one another...except for one species that thinks he can do it alone!

  8. We so over value individualism in today's culture. Time for a shift back to family, and community.

  9. Good lesson indeed. We should always be sure to thank those that teach us lessons.... A tree is one of the best teachers. We have so much to learn...if only we take time to hear.

  10. About family and community..this is such an interesting perspective..loved it.

  11. ah...our ancient teachers...only if we had the heart to listen to their soul...sigh...

  12. As a race, I fear we are playing truant and hacve missed the most important of the lessons.

  13. This is lovely Sherry ~ I will whisper - Thank you-

  14. Thanking the trees in the desert is a joy, because there are so few of them, and they are stalwart and true.

  15. This deepens further the appreciation I have for nature.

  16. If we could only the time and learn form these wonderful teachers...
    Lovely, Sherry!


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