Tuesday, October 11, 2016

When Reality is Too Frightening, Call it a Myth

Sea of Plastic Bags

The newscaster says - surprise! -
that sea of plastic garbage
 - 100 million tons and growing - 
floating in the Pacific
is a Myth!
(Just like global warming?)
So much easier to believe,
than having to figure out how
to clean up this mess
we've made.

Albatross carcass found in central Pacific
on Midway Island
Britta Denise Hardesty photo
CBC News

Ocean's plastic  is the new DDT, Canadian scientist warns: source

21 year old builds prototype designed to rid the ocean of plastic: source


  1. Yikes at the sight of the garbage in the sea ~ This is sad to read Sherry but yes, it is a frightening reality ~

  2. A reality that we need to be reminded of over and over for sure. Such a sad truth here Sherry, but you are helping in the awareness. Thank you for sharing this with us. I hope all is well with you these days. I got my laptop, but am working on getting internet now. I have been so busy at work that I don't have time to get online like I used to. Hopefully I will have internet soon. Wish me luck. :-)

  3. Such a terrifying truth, Sherry. I can't understand people's need to lie to themselves. Do they think that it will keep them safe? Worse, do they really believe the nonsense they invent in order to ignore these horrors? I don't get it.

  4. i wish it was a myth but know it isn't - we really have to do something before we drown in our own waste - in germany you get no more free plastic bags in the shops when you buy something - they try to raise awareness

  5. Thank you for drawing attention to this plague


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