Wednesday, September 14, 2016

We Appreciate You!

Mary Kling

She keeps a low profile, 
declines being featured,
doesn't want a lot of fuss,
just steadily steers our little boat
through the blogosphere,
as sure as clockwork,
reliable as sunshine
after rain.

She is quick to thank everyone else
"for all you do",
but I am sure she doesn't think a lot
about all she does, week after week, 
month after month , year after year,
keeping this site open
to encourage and support poets -
all for the love of poetry,
for her work is given freely,
with no thought of return.

I contemplated the prompt "Appreciation",
as there are so many things to appreciate,
in nature, in the animal world, in humanity.
But when I think about how much Poets United 
has meant in my life 
and the lives of so many others,
I had to take this chance to say:
"Mary, we appreciate 

I can feel her blushing from here. But really, Mary, you deserve a ton of thanks for keeping Poets United going all these years. I also tip my hat in acknowledgment of Robb Lloyd, the founder of Poets United in 2010, who responded to my question at the Blogger forum as to where I could find other poets, by saying: "Why don't you try Poets United?" I did, and it changed my life.

for Sumana's prompt at Midweek Motif: Appreciation. Of course, my appreciation extends to the staff and all of our members as well. But Mary does the steering, quietly, without fanfare. So this one is especially for her. Smiles.


  1. I appreciate quiet humility although i think the two are synonymous. Gracias for sharing, mi amiga. Gracias Mary Kling

  2. Echo that..thanks to all who keep this site going...I for one have gained so much. Highly appreciated.

  3. This is a wonderful note of appreciation, simply wonderful!

  4. Hurray for our leader! Hurray for Sherry who is our great appreciator! Timely, dear poet, timely and much appreciated.

  5. Awwwweee :D this is such a wonderful tribute to our dear Mary ❤

  6. This is such a lovely thing to do, Sherry!

  7. Love, Love, Love this Sherry...I always believe that Truth has a rare Beauty, and how wonderfully you've brought it out...a most beautiful tribute to our dear Mary..Thank you so much....

  8. Here, here - thank you Mary and Sherry for reminding us why it's so good to be here

  9. Sherry, this is a wonderful appreciation of Mary Kling. She is one of those poets who goes the extra mile in organization and in putting out great poetry on a consistent basis. Thanks so much for all your writing as well, Sherry. You make my heart smile. Amy

  10. "Hear, hear!!!" Well said and much deserved. Thank you for all you do, Mary. And thank you, Sherry, for taking this opportunity to express what so many of us have in our hearts for Poets United and those who keep our "little boat" bobbin' through the blogosphere.

  11. Yes...a big thank you to all the organisers at Poets United for their hard work !

  12. This is wonderful, and Mary is deserving of praise. This is an outstanding site, and you work to make it so, Sherry. Thanks!

  13. Thank you so much for letting so many poets find a home Mary and thank you too Sherry and the rest of the crew for making it all possible.

  14. Well said Sherry and I too send my thanks and appreciation to you Mary. Thank you.

  15. So much indeed... yes I do appreciate everything done by Mary

  16. Agreed Mary is the lifeline and she never seem to be seen but is always there! Thanks Mary!


  17. This is wonderful, Sherry. And Mary deserves every bit of it. She is appreciated, indeed.

  18. Lovely comments, All! Thank you!

  19. Agree with you wholeheartedly, Sherry!!! Mary truly deserves every bit of appreciation!! In fact, I would like to thank all the crew members who keep this poetic site running....All thank you!! Smiles..

  20. This tribute to a wonderful person is an illustration of a warm heart

  21. This is such a beautiful way to appreciate her great work... :-)

  22. A wonderful poem of appreciation, Sherry! We all appreciate Mary's work, and to learn that she is the person behind this site keeping the cogs turning is wonderful. Thank you, Mary.


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