Wednesday, September 7, 2016

From Bud to Bloom

As a time-lapsed flower
slowly transforms
from tight-curled bud
to full-blown, vibrant bloom,
so do our human hearts
retract, experiencing pain,
and then, beneath the warmth 
of love and care,
gradually unfurl and learn
to love again.


  1. A crystalized truth, an amazing image!

  2. True. Love can happen at any age and I hope it happens to you.Don't mind me I'm a primitive creature ruled by the seasons and the moon:)

  3. Tenderness and love can make anything bloom, especially hearts and hopes... hearts and hopes do so well in love's hands. ((♥))

  4. when beauty becomes truth all words fail...may all tight curled buds bloom in love and warmth....

  5. beauty inspired by beauty


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